1. Antipinsky Refinery took part in the Victory Day Parade

Antipinsky Refinery took part in the Victory Day Parade

10 May 2018

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production enterprise of New Stream Group, took part in the ceremonial parade in Tyumen in celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.
More than 200 employees of the refinery passed through the city center in the festive procession. The column of Antipinsky Refinery was headed by the participants of the Immortal Regiment march - the refinery employees carried portraits of their relatives, who had been soldiers in the Great Patriotic War.

The main decoration of the column was a military-style car with a stand dedicated to the hero of the Great Patriotic War, a native of the Tyumen region, Alexander Logunov. During the fighting with the army of Fascist Germany in October 1944 near the village of Globele, the soldier was able to put out of action five enemy vehicles with an anti-tank rifle. Later, Alexander Logunov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, among his military awards: the Order of Lenin, the Order of Glory 2nd and 3rd classes, medals "Gold Star", "For Courage", "For the Capture of Königsberg", "For the Capture of Budapest".

During celebration of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, representatives of Antipinsky Refinery also honored the memory of the homefront worker by laying a basket of flowers to the homonymous memorial.

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