1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery: production results of February of 2017

Antipinsky Oil Refinery: production results of February of 2017

9 March 2017
In February of 2017, the basic refining asset of New Stream Group, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, increased the key business performance indicators compared to the same period in 2016.

Based on the results of the previous month, Antipinsky Oil Refinery increased the production of Euro-5 diesel fuel by 10% – up to 193.5 thousand tons (175.2 thousand tons in February of 2016). The output of straight-run gasoline reached 101 thousand tons – 7% more than in February of the last year (93.8 thousand tons in 2016). In addition, in February 2017, the volume of produced technical gas granulated sulfur was increased by almost 4 times, up to 2.16 thousand tons (557 tons in the same period in 2016).

The gas tar delayed coker unit that was commissioned in the second half of 2016 produced 30 thousand tons of coke in February 2017.

Last month, the volume of processed raw materials decreased to 600.6 thousand tons, including 578 thousand tons of oil (641 thousand tons of oil in 2016) due to the optimization of production, cutting costs and an increased conversion rate. The volume of produced liquefied petroleum gases did not change and amounted to approximately 2 thousand tons.

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