1. Antipinsky Refinery: production performance over April 2017

Antipinsky Refinery: production performance over April 2017

19 May 2017

In April 2017, the main production asset of New Stream Group, Antipinsky refinery preserved the trend to increase production and processing in the current year.

According to the results of the first month of Q2 2017, the refinery has processed 610,000 tons of raw materials, of which 583,000 tons was oil and 27,000 tons was third-party residual oil delivered by rail. In April 2017, the total throughput decreased by 6% compared to March 2017 (616 thousand tons of oil and 30 thousand tons of third-party oil residue) due to the scheduled repairs on technological equipment - hydrotreater and atmospheric residue deep conversion units, but remained at the level of January 2017 (610 thousand tons of oil, third-party oil residue was not supplied to the refinery during that period).

In April 2016, the oil refining index was 662.5 thousand tons. The decrease of this indicator in 2017 is accounted for by the increase in the oil refining ratio and the reduction of costs, including termination of oil supplies by rail.

In April 2017, the total throughput of Antipinsky Refinery amounted to: 98 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline (5% more than in April 2016 - 93 thousand tons), 170 thousand tons of Euro-5 diesel fuel (191 thousand tons in the same period last year), 2.3 thousand tons of liquefied hydrocarbon gases (which is equal to the indicator of April last year), 32 thousand tons of coke and 2 thousand tons of technical granular gas sulfur.

Since the main part of the scheduled equipment repair was completed in 2017 , Antipinsky Refinery is planning to increase its production performance in the future.

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