1. Antipinsky Refinery upgraded delayed coking unit

Antipinsky Refinery upgraded delayed coking unit

16 May 2017

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, has completed the upgrade of the second section of the atmospheric residue deep conversion unit (ARDCU) - the delayed coking unit (DCU).

The activities to increase the capacity of the section took two weeks, after which the unitn was commissioned. With the upgrade, the DCU's capacity grew by 17% - from 1.32 million tons of raw materials per year to 1.54 million tons per year.

As the President of New Stream Group Dmitry Mazurov said: 'The work was carried out simultaneously with the annual scheduled repairs at Antipinsky Refinery, which allowed minimization of the impact of temporary equipment shutdown on the workflows. In addition, a significant part of modernization work was carried out prior to DCU shutdown, which helped reduce the repair time,' said Dmitry Mazurov.

The atmospheric residue deep conversion unit consisting of the vacuum distillation section and the DCU section was put into operation at Antipinsky Refinery in 2016. The unit commissioning allowed the company to increase the oil refining ratio to 98%, completely abandon production of atmospheric residue and increase the yield of diesel fractions to 46%.
Last year, ARDCU processed about 350 thousand tons of fuel oil residue per month. In 2017, in addition to its own residual fuel oil, Antipinsky Refinery started reducing raw materials purchased from third-party enterprises.

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