1. Antipinsky Refinery presented a meteorological site to Tyumen preschoolers

Antipinsky Refinery presented a meteorological site to Tyumen preschoolers

5 October 2017
Antipinsky Refinery, the main production enterprise of New Stream Group, in the framework of social regional support policy, presented Tyumen Kindergarten No. 155 with a specialized training meteorological site. The weather station is installed directly in the territory of the pre-school institution. The meteorological site opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Antipinsky Refinery, as well as of the Environmental Monitoring Division of Tyumen Region Department of Subsoil Use and Ecology.

On behalf of the refinery, the kindergarten children were congratulated by the Deputy Chief Raw Materials and Transport Operations Engineer Alexander Gunbin, who noted that the site is equipped with everything necessary for young meteorologists to feel they are real researchers of the world around them.

The specialized site will help to diversify the children's cognitive activity, and also to introduce them to exact sciences and the world of the natural phenomena, teach them to observe the climate and to predict its changes. The weather station is a game zone fitted with research equipment, including a sundial, a wind sleeve, a meteorological cabin, and a precipitation meter. In addition, a special board for fixing data is installed on the site.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and is aimed at building children's knowledge about the surrounding world, developing ecological thinking, fostering a careful attitude to nature.

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