1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery held an Open House Day for Tyumen schoolchildren and students

Antipinsky Oil Refinery held an Open House Day for Tyumen schoolchildren and students

19 June 2017
Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the main productive asset of New Stream Group, held an Open House Day for schoolchildren and students of the educational institution State University of Tyumen (UT).

The company organized three different excursions: for first-year students of the Institute of Chemistry of UT, for foreign students studying at the university on a special supplementary education program in English “STEP in Russian Energy: Society, Technology, Environment, Policy” and for high school students of the gymnasium at the University. The excursion for schoolchildren was focused on the work of the central plant laboratory (CPL). The children were told about the main functions of the CPL, the units of which are responsible for monitoring the quality of raw materials and output oil products, and monitor the environmental condition. The high school students were told about job opportunities at the plant, including the job of laboratory analyst. “I was greatly impressed with the excursion! Firstly, I visited the laboratory of a large industrial enterprise for the first time, and secondly, what is very important, I got an insight into the chemist's work in practice,” Ekaterina Emelyanova, a tenth grader of the gymnasium, says.

The CPL was also visited by first-year students of the Institute of Chemistry of UT. An excursion was organized for future chemists as part of their familiarization practice. The students could see the work process with their own eyes and ask experienced specialists questions. Also, the students visited the production facilities of the plant, they were told about the company’s basic principles of work. Special attention was paid to environmental safety procedures. In particular, the students were told about the operation of five-stage waste treatment facilities that ensure high quality of water discharged into the Tura River. ”I was curious to see both the production and the laboratory. Certainly, the scale and volume of the enterprise are impressive,” Maksim Berezhnoy, a student at the Institute of Chemistry, said.

In addition, Antipinsky Oil Refinery was visited by foreign students of UT from the countries of North and South America, Asia and Europe. The visitors saw the main production facilities of the plant, the waste treatment facilities, the integrated operator room used to control all installations. The students were pleasantly surprised by the level of manufacturing automation, the high level of technology and compactness of the company’s industrial complexes.

Excursions to Antipinsky Oil Refinery for students are organized on a regular basis under the plant’s program for cooperation with its partner universities. The company is interested in training professional personnel, for this reason, it actively participates in various social and educational projects of the Tyumen region. In particular, practical modular training is organized for students of relevant fields of training on the basis of the plant, thus allowing students to get acquainted with production processes and acquire primary professional skills directly at the company.

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