1. Antipinsky Refinery opened the Year of Ecology

Antipinsky Refinery opened the Year of Ecology

12 April 2017
Antipinsky Refinery, the basic production asset of New Stream Group, held the grand opening ceremony of the Year of Ecology.

More than 300 refinery employees and members of their families took part in the event, as well as representatives of Tyumen region government, the regional Duma, the regional office of Rosprirodnadzor.

'We often declare our production achievements in technological terms. I also would like to show the systemic work on environmental protection which we are constantly doing at the refinery,' said Sergey Murzin, the chief engineer of Antipinsky Refinery.

Maria Martynchuk, the head of the regional office of the Federal Environmental Control Service, stressed the need to hold such ecological events. 'Such actions make us think: what else can be done to preserve the environment?' noted the head of Rospotrebnadzor office.

Gennady Korepanov, deputy general director for regulatory relations, reminded that in 2016 Antipinsky Refinery, being a socially and environmentally responsible enterprise, concluded and is now consistently complying with the cooperation agreement with the regional office of Rosprirodnadzor and the department for subsoil use and ecology. Within the framework of the document, the refinery implements a set of measures on production modernization, participation of the refinery employees in environmental projects.

For example, in the near future, Antipinsky refinery is planning to complete construction of a gasoline vapor recovery unit, and also to install equipment for protection from coke dust. Modernization and construction of plants and production facilities is carried out with account of compliance with all measures to ensure environmental safety.

The completed projects aimed at minimizing environmental risks include the existing treatment facilities of the refinery. Antipinsky Refinery is one of the major water consumers in Tyumen. In 2016, water consumption equaled to 1 mln 275 ths m3. In 2014, the refinery commissioned the five-step water treatment facilities with a biological treatment unit which is unique for Tyumen enterprises. Many quality parameters of treated wastewater at the refinery exceed those of raw water in the Tura River. Besides, the treatment facilities occupy the record-breaking small areas (about 6 hectares). Due to putting into operation of modern equipment providing the high level of environmental safety, Antipinsky Refinery was awarded the «Russian Water» First National Water Industry Award in the category «Best project aimed at reducing water pollution».

Antipinsky refinery also successfully passes relevant inspections of Rosprirodnadzor office in Tyumen region. Thus, according to the latest event held in January 2017, the supervisory agency did not reveal any violations of the requirements for water resources use and the discharge of substances and microorganisms to the Tura.

As part of the Year of Ecology, the refinery has scheduled a number of events involving the refinery employees, representatives of Tyumen branch of All-Russia People's Front, the Public Chamber of Tyumen region, environmental organizations, and mass media. Besides, the refinery will make improvements to Kazachii Luga (the Cossack meadows) square located iwithin the territory of Antipinsky township. In addition, the refinery will organize a number of voluntary clean-ups in the adjacent area and on the Tura bank.

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