1. Antipinsky Refinery conducted seven-day firefighting exercises

Antipinsky Refinery conducted seven-day firefighting exercises

18 April 2018

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production enterprise of New Stream Group, successfully completed seven-day firefighting exercises.

During the exercises, the personnel of the enterprise drilled various scenarios of fire-hazardous and other emergency situations. The training was conducted by representatives of the fire safety department of the refinery in cooperation with the security service and the specialists of the refinery fire department at the high occupancy facilities of the administration and amenity block.

In the course of training, additional checks were made of the performance of active fire protection systems: automatic fire alarm, alert systems and fire warning and evacuation management system. Evacuation and emergency exits were also tested for compliance with fire safety requirements. In addition, the specialists checked the technical condition of the fire-extinguishing equipment.

Antipinsky Refinery annually arranges both scheduled and unscheduled firefighting training and exercises to prepare the refinery personnel to emergency situations. The company also has its own Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT) certified to carry out search and rescue and gas rescue work in emergency.

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