1. Antipinsky Refinery has reached the record high in Russia oil refining ratio of 98%

Antipinsky Refinery has reached the record high in Russia oil refining ratio of 98%

19 September 2016
Antipinsky Refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, has moved to a commercial operation mode with the record high in the country oil refining ratio. This was facilitated by commissioning of the combined two-section atmospheric residue deep conversion unit (ARDCU); the permission for commissioning was issued by Tyumen Administration (Permission No.72-304-411-2014 of 09.09.2016) after a proper verification by the Federal Environmental Industrial and Nuclear Supervision service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor. Statement of Conformity No.72-01-09-14-C of 09/01/2016).

The vacuum residue reduction section (the first ARDCU section) is designed to produce vacuum gas oil and tar for further processing. The second ARDCU section, delayed coking unit (DCU), provides processing of tar, i.e. a by-product of oil production. Thus, ARDCU startup allowed the plant to completely abandon production of atmospheric residue and all its derivatives and become one of Russia's few refineries that have reached the oil refining ratio of 98%, record high in Russian oil industry.

With the commissioning of Atmospheric Residue Deep Conversion Unit, Antipinsky Oil Refinery fulfilled its commitment to upgrade the existing refinery complex subject to the quadripartite Governmental Agreement signed in September 2011 between the plant, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service, and the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Construction of ARDCU at Antipinsky refinery started in 2012 under the 3 stage of the III construction phase of FosterWheeler project (USA). On June 1, 2016, the Director General of Antipinsky Refinery signed the order to start commissioning of the facility. On June 26, the first trial coke was produced, and since the end of July (after completion of the major pre-commissioning work) - the on-specification coke. Thus, in the third quarter of 2016, Antipinsky Refinery started production of new products - gas oil, coke, coking naphtha and coking diesel, which are converted at hydrotreating unit GO-1 into Euro-5 commercial-grade fuel, diesel fuel output increased from 33% to 50% for oil, and oil refining ratio increased to the record for the industry 98%.

In September 2016, after ARDCU modernization, the unit capacity reached 4.2 million tons per year.

Vacuum gas oil extracted at the vacuum section is going to be treated in the hydrocracker which is currently being designed. In spring 2017, isomerization and nafta reforming units will be commissioned at Antipinsky Refinery, which will allow the plant to produce Euro ¬5 AI¬92 and AI¬95 gasolines.

As the President of New Stream Group Dmitry Mazurov said, today only two Russian refineries have been able to reach the refining ratio of 98% and fully abandon residue and its derivatives production. ‘Antipinsky Refinery is first of all distinguished by the fact that it is the only industrial-scale oil refinery built without relying on assets and heritage of the Soviet past. Given that the refinery remains one of Russia's few commercial refinery independent on vertically integrated oil companies, its record for the country refining ratio is a significant contribution to the development of the entire Russian oil industry, because this is another evidence that creation of an effective refinery from scratch in Russia is absolutely real,' said Dmitry Mazurov.

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