1. Antipinsky Refinery gave an excursion for chemistry students

Antipinsky Refinery gave an excursion for chemistry students

17 October 2016
On October, 17, an excursion for students of the Institute of Chemistry of Tyumen State University (TSU) was organized at the main production asset of New Stream Group, Antipinsky Refinery. The event was part of cooperation between Antipinsky Refinery and TSU Center for Career and Postgraduate Orientation.

During the excursion, the refinery employees told the students about oil refining features and mitigation of the environmental impact. The students were shown the modern five-stage treatment plants and water treatment facilities put into operation at Antipinsky refinery in 2014. The greatest interest among the students has caused by the technology of biological wastewater treatment.

'Waste water arriving at Antipinsky Refinery treatment plant undergo a full cycle of treatment before being discharged into the Tura river,' said Dmitry Chernov, the deputy head of the Water Supply and Drainage Department for wastewater treatment plants and water treatment of Antipinsky Refinery. 'The students were able to see and compare the samples of untreated oily wastewater and treated effluent. The students could see for themselves that almost all the quality parameters of treated wastewater at the refinery exceeded those of raw water in the Tura River. The interest of the young people to the production processes suggests that many of them are likely to return to Antipinsky Refinery, but as employees.’

Besides, the visit program included a meeting of Vladimir Starodubov, Director of the TSU Center for Career and Postgraduate Orientation, with Elena Polyakova, Deputy Director General for Human Resources Management of Antipinsky Refinery. ‘Antipinsky refinery is interested in engaging field-specific professionals with skills to work in the laboratory and on special equipment,’ said Elena Polyakova. At the end of the meeting, the participants outlined the ways of further cooperation in development of joint projects on employment of Tyumen State University graduates.

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