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  1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Ranks 82nd in the Rating of Russian Companies with Largest Sales Volumes (RAEX-600)

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Ranks 82nd in the Rating of Russian Companies with Largest Sales Volumes (RAEX-600)

30 September 2015

On September 30, RAEX (Expert RA) international rating agency published its annual rating of Russian companies with largest sales volumes. 

Antipinsky Oil Refinery ranked 82nd (out of 600) position in the rating. The company’s sales volume in 2014 amounted to USD 3 228.6 million, sales increase rate – 79.4 %. It should be noted that the best dynamics and effectiveness at year-end 2014 were shown by private companies.

The main rating criterion was the indicator characterizing products (works, services) sales volumes in 2014. Company data were collected in three stages. The first stage was a preparatory one. Based on previous years ratings, statistical reporting for 2014, day-to-day statistical reporting, media report, the list of companies, potential rating participants was made. After the preliminary selection, about 1000 companies were left.  At the second stage, a survey was conducted among the remaining companies. Key performance indicators were requested for 2014 and 2013. Finally, at the third stage, the gaps in the information gathered were filled using Rosstat and corporate websites data. 

The rating was compiled using the Federal State Statistics Service and Federal Tax Service information presented in the Interfax Agency’s System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies. Other things being equal, the priority was given to financial statements prepared according to IFRS or US GAAP and the companies’ survey data. 

The main goal of the project was to analyze the role of big business in Russia’s economic development, its structure and main development trends. Over the years of its existence, the rating has gained recognition both in Russia and abroad and is extensively cited by Russian and foreign media.

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