1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increases Capacity

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increases Capacity

29 October 2015

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery has completed the modernization of its ELOU AT-3 oil processing unit. As part of the works, the fuel oil and oil pipelines have been enlarged in diameter, pumping units capacity has been increased, new flow meters, control valve and shutdown valves have been installed, and redundancy arrangements were made for critical heat exchangers.

The modernization enabled the refinery to increase the unit throughput capacity from 3.7 to 5 million tons. Thus, the refinery’s total processing capacity come to a little over 9 million tons per annum.

The next stage of ELOU AT-3 modernization scheduled to start in 2016 involves installation of safety valves on each furnace pilot burner, replacement of pilot burners (with ignition device), changing of the ignition algorithm, supply of reagents to the stabilization unit and installation of standby heat exchangers. The second stage of modernization will enable the improvement of the facility’s safety.

On October 28, Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC received a letter from the Department of Oil and Gas Refining of the Ministry of Energy of Russia stating that the information regarding the increase in the enterprise’s installed oil refining capacity to 9.04 million tons per annum had been taken note of.

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