Antipinsky Oil Refinery: We are 8!

30 September 2014

On September 30, Antipinsky Oil Refinery celebrated the 8th anniversary of the production of its first commercial batch of petroleum products. In honor of the occasion, the company’s top performing employees received their well-deserved awards. The official awards ceremony was followed by the unveiling of the refinery’s updated Honors Board.

The induction onto the Honors Board means high recognition of the employees’ fruitful work and invaluable contribution to the stable performance and prosperity of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Of special note is the fact that the refinery now has employees on its staff, whose pictures have taken their rightfull place among its top peformers for the second year in a row – namely, two employees of Feed and Product Farm No. 4 Ivan Krivenko, Grade 5 loading operator and Georgy Repin, Grade 4 loading operator.

For the second consecutive year, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s management selects together with the Work Collective Council 20 top employees, whose pictures are placed on the Honors Board and whose performance results serve as an example to the refinery’s other employees. However, this is not the only way of used by the refinery to reward its employees, as the Collective Bargaining Agreement also provides for financial incentives.

The employees whose pictures are placed on the Honors Board for the first time are paid a 10% monthly supplement to their salaries for one calendar year and a one-time bonus of RUB 30,000. Where an employee’s picture is placed on the Honors Board for a second time, such employee is paid a one-time bonus of RUB 50,000, and on expiry of the year during which the picture was on the Honors Board, such employee is paid another bonus of RUB 50,000.

Where an employee’s picture is placed on the Honors Board for three consecutive years, such employee is paid a 15% supplement to his/her salary for one year and a one-time bonus of RUB 50,000. On expiry of the calendar year during which the employee’s picture was placed on the Honors Board, he/she is awarded a lifetime title of a Distinguished Employee of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, and issued an award pin and a relevant certificate. In addition to that, such employee receives a 10% monthly supplement to his/her basic salary for a period of up to three years, is granted up to three additional days off, is paid a RUB 80,000 one-time bonus, and on retirement he/she is paid an allowance of three average monthly salaries.

To the applause of the refinery’s employees, executives and guests, the Honors Board was unveiled and a group picture with the inductees was taken, whereupon all the event participants proceeded to the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s central site to receive their rewards and awards.

Opening the awards ceremony, Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the refinery’s Board of Directors, said: “The plans that just a while ago seemed fantastic to us, are today’s standard. This year, we are completing the construction of the facilities that will enable us to produce Euro-5 compliant diesel fuel next year. The commissioning of the deferred tar carbonization unitin the summer of 2015 will be a major breakthrough putting the Antipinsky Oil Refinery on a par with all advanced refineries in the country, and what is more, we will be ahead of virtually all of them in terms of the processing depth”.

The refinery invited Dmitry Yeremeev, Chairman of the Tyumen City Duma, and Grigory Leps, a Merited Artist of the RF, as a special guest to hand out the awards to the employees. Grigory Leps in his congratulatory speech, wished the refinery employees happiness, good health and said “…thank you for the truly important work you do for yourselves and for the good of the country, I bow to you with deep respect for what to do, congratulations!” Dmitry Yeremeev awarded six refinery employees Letters of Recognition on behalf of the Chairman of the Tyumen City Duma and Grigory Leps gave them tickets to his concert that took place the same evening.

The company employees were also congratulated by Gennady Lisovichenko, Director General of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC: “The implementation of the idea to build an oil refinery in such a short time has been a striking success and the result that we have achieved by joint efforts. We have made an arduous journey and faced certain difficulties, there is still so much to be done, but even today we cannot help, but feel proud looking at our refinery, its industrial and technical facilities.”

Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Board of Directors, and Gennady Lisovichenko, Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Director General awarded 20 top performing employees flowers and cash bonuses.

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