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  1. A speech by General Manager Mr. Andriasov delivered to personnel

A speech by General Manager Mr. Andriasov delivered to personnel

26 July 2019

A lot of work has been done by us since my previous speech, therefore I find it necessary to put you up to the current state of things at the refinery.

I want to repeat again that it is crucial to me that every fellow employee would be credibly informed and their concerns answered.

On the production

The oil has been supplied to us, production operation renewed, the shipment of products started. The full-fledged operation of the refinery implies that the uncertainty period is already behind. Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to all refinery personnel for your work in preparing the production facilities start-up.

On the personnel

My principled stance on the employee retention and the timely payment of wages has not changed. We did not allow detention of wages and all employees got their wages according to the pay schedule. More importantly, after meeting with you I’ve made a decision on continuing to pay the full maternity benefits.

I am aware of such of your concerns as the retention of jobs in case of the bankruptcy. So, I’m ready to transparently explain the way things are now.

Firstly, bankruptcy is the time-extended process requiring a thorough engagement with all the lenders and with no impact on the production operations. Bankruptcy does not mean the termination of our company business but to a greater degree implies a procedure for its financial rehabilitation.

Secondly, bankruptcy is not being aimed at laying off employees. And, above all, there is no such intention as to destroy the company as one integral organism. In this regard, there is unity among the loan suppliers, authorities and proprietors. I am also aware of my responsibility towards you and will try my best to preserve the personnel of our refinery no matter how things might unfold.

On the life of the refinery

Since the moment of my previous speech a lot of remarkable events have taken place. For example, the competitions “Best in the Profession” and “Honorary Tutor” were run. On the13th of August there will be an award ceremony for our winners.

I would like to specifically mention our sportsmen who demonstrated laudable performances in the city GTO competition final. These are Alexander Emelyanov, Dmitri Ulesov, Pavel Karaulov, Alexey Nikhaichik and Ivan Nazarov. The combined team of Tyumen including our three fellow employees had taken part in a regional summer GTO festival, winning a team championship. In individual classification Pavel Karaulov won the honorable second place among the strongest in Tyumen region! Besides, Olga Chazova had reached required norms and won a GTO golden badge. We are proud of our achievements!

On the work safety

Life and health of employees are of top priority to us in the occupational safety and health sphere. We continue working injuries-and-accidents-free. This is obviously a good achievement. I urge you to be mindful at your work places and strictly abide by the labor protection requirements, using the personal protection equipment.

Take care of yourself and people in your life!

General Manager
Maxim G. Andriasov

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