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  1. Governor's congratulations on the Company's 13th Anniversary

Governor's congratulations on the Company's 13th Anniversary

4 October 2019

Dear Maxim Grigorievich!

I would like to extend my congratulations to you and Antipinsky Refinery’s staff members on the 13th anniversary from the day on which our enterprise started.

Antipinsky Refinery is one of the biggest participant in the Russian petroleum refining industry sector that shapes the Ural and Western Siberia oil refinery market.

Professionalism, knowledge, commitment to the work of love of the refinery specialists are allowing to implement and apply the top companies’ state-of-the-art technologies and breakthrough achievements in our enterprise in the areas of design and oil refinery, to perfect and automatize the production methods.

Important to note that in your business you are paying particular attention to meeting the environmental regulatory standards and minimization of impact of the manufacturing activity. This does just speak about your high social accountability before the Tyumen residents.

I wish Antipinsky Refinery prosperity and all the staff members happiness, health, well-being and new achievements at your work!

Governor of Tyumen region, Alexander Moor

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