Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC: Go Only Forward!

Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC is the first modern private oil refining enterprise built in Russia over the past several decades.
The estimated capacity of the first phase of the refinery commissioned in November 2006 amounted to 400 thousand tons p.a. As from that date the enterprise is going on the way of continuous technical and structural development by enhancing its capacity and increasing its share on the Urals and Siberian market of fuel and POL practically every year.
Thus, after technical modernization of the first workflow phase its capacity reached 740 thousand tons of products p.a. in 2008. In May 2010 the second workflow phase of the refinery with the capacity of 2.75 million tons p.a. was successfully commissioned subsequently reaching the capacity of 3.5 million tons p.a. in 2012. Therefore, the overall capacity of the refinery since November 2012 makes up 4.2 million tons p.a. On January 29, 2013 the team of Antipinsky Oil Refinery marked its corporate anniversary: the 10 millionth ton of oil was refined which made the refinery’s workers even more confident in further success and development of the enterprise planning to swell the refining capacity up to 7.5 million tons p.a. already at the end of 2013, to improve the processing depth up to 94% in the fourth quarter of 2015 and start the production of Euro-5 fuels (diesel – in 2014, gasoline – in 2016).
To accomplish the objectives in view there is a sufficient base at the enterprise: in 2012 revenues of Antipinsky Oil Refinery grew by 27% reaching 55.7 billion rubles. In 2012 its net profit increased by 10% and amounted to 1.25 billion rubles as compared with the previous year. EBITDA index for the year 2012 made up USD 190 million taking into account other companies of the Group. In March 2012 a multi-currency credit agreement was signed among OAO Gazprombank (OJSC), Raiffeisen Bank International AG and ZAO Raiffeisenbank (CJSC) jointly with Glencore International AG, Vitol S.A., Globexbank CJSC, and WestLB AG (London) on extending term and revolving credit facilities for the total amount of up to USD 750 million to Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC secured with a collateral in the form of pre-export and project financing components.
The above makes it possible to commission workflow phase III with the capacity of 3.7 million tons p.a. in 2013 and, as a result, the aggregate capacity of the refinery will grow to 7.5 million tons of crude oil p.a.
Simultaneously with it tank farms for commercial diesel fuel with the volume of 80 thousand tons and for crude oil with the volume of 60 thousand tons, as well as up-to-date treatment facilities the construction of which have just been completed, are to be commissioned. It should be separately mentioned that the issues of environment were thoroughly analyzed at each design stage of the refinery. As a result, effective nature-protection measures have been taken at the enterprise which made it possible, in part, cut the area of treatment facilities by halve (as compared with traditional technologies), reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere ten times, minimize water consumption at the enterprise, decrease sewage volume, and completely prevent oil and oil product spillage to soil and subsoil waters.
For the purpose of producing Euro-5 diesel fuel (including its winter and arctic modification) a diesel-fuel hydrotreating unit is planned to be constructed in 2014. To guarantee its operation a hydrogen and elemental sulfur production unit with the granulation block will be built. In the 4th quarter of 2015 a combined deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel-oil vacuum distillation block is expected to be commissioned and the oil processing depth will increase up to 94%. The output of diesel fuel will grow up to 50% of the total refining output. In the first six months of 2016 the enterprise plans to transfer to the production of high-octane gasoline of Euro-5 standard due to the commissioning of the gasoline reforming unit with the octane number of no lower than 95 points under research method. Such transfer will become possible due to the commissioning of the gasoline reforming unit with the catalyst permanent regeneration and isomerization block.

Which factor can become a driving force for the development of many promising investment projects on processing polymers, producing polypropylene and polyethylene items.
Great perspectives open in the development of investment industrial projects focusing on providing the oil-and-gas industry with high-quality equipment. Series of measures are taken for this Consequently, after completion of the third phase construction Antipinsky Oil Refinery will become one of the most up-to-date and technology intensive enterprises of Russian oil refining industry.

G.A. LISOVICHENKO, General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery
In the beginning of September the workers of oil, gas, and fuel industry abstract themselves a little bit from routine in order to feel like a united family with professional interests and the destiny in common.
It is a great honor for us to work and develop the basic industry of the Russian economy, we are responsible to the country in general, as well as to our families, near and dear ones in particular. It is not without reason that there are no come-and-go people in our profession.
Oil and gas - forever!
I thank the partners of our refinery with all my heart for reliability, the team of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC for devoted work and solidarity for the purpose of accomplishing desired objectives, and the Governor of the Tyumen Region, Vladimir YAKUSHEV, for attention and support provided to our young enterprise in the course of its development!
I wish everybody health and new professional achievements.

Vladimir YAKUSHEV, Governor of Tyumen Region
I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday!
It is the reason of special pride for many citizens of the Tyumen Region.
Our region was and remains the great managerial and intellectual center of oil and gas production in Western Siberia.
And today the industry is dynamically developing, extraction of hydrocarbons and their refining efficiency grows, facilities of oil-and-gas enterprises expand.
Thus owing to the Uvat project oil extraction is rapidly developing in the south of the region. Today there are 12 licensed sites including over 30 discovered oil fields with geological reserves exceeding 1 billion tons of oil. In 2013 the aggregate crude oil production within the Uvat project amounted to 35 million tons, 7 million tons of which had been produced by the project operator, TNK-Uvat, last year.
A powerful cluster of oil-and-gas enterprises is being established in the region. First of all, it is Antipinsky Oil Refinery, one of the few modern oil refining enterprises built in our country over the past twenty years from “scratch.” It plans to output a wide range of high-quality oil products with the processing depth up to 95% complying with Euro environmental standards, as well as related products and materials in demand on the market.
Petrochemical production of the world class is being formed in Tobolsk by efforts of SIBUR company purpose. For example, the region compensates oil-and gas companies operating in the Russia Federation for 6% of the cost of equipment ordered from Tyumen enterprises. Privileges are granted for profit, property and transport taxes, interest on loans and equipment leasing expenses are refunded.
Such recognized world leaders as Schlumberger, Bentec, Baker Hughes, Dina Energetics, as well as major regional enterprises Sibneftemash, Neftemash, Gazturboservis etc., are implementing their industrial projects on the territory of the Tyumen Region.

I express my gratitude to the people employed in the oil-and-gas sector for their devoted work, love to the dear land of Tyumen and wish everybody health and prosperity!

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