1. Yakushev Inspects Antipinsky Oil Refinery. They Promise Moderate Fuel Prices for Farmers of Tyumen Region

Yakushev Inspects Antipinsky Oil Refinery. They Promise Moderate Fuel Prices for Farmers of Tyumen Region


Governor the Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev visited Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

As was reported to URA.Ru in the press service of the governor the head of the region saw the refinery’s laboratories, familiarized with the technological process flows including the loading of the first ton of production, the diesel fuel, which is intended for the agricultural enterprises of the region.

“This refinery is a new step forward in the development of the regional economy,” Yakushev believes. In his opinion, the set up of any new enterprise means new employment opportunities and the emergence of a new taxpayer. “Is is very important for the southern Tyumen Region from the historical point of view that from now on the region carries out deep oil refining itself. The president of Russia has repeatedly said that it is time to transfer from crude oil products to their subsequent reforming. There are no problems with demand on our products. The first batch manufactured by the refinery has already been sold,” stated Vladimir Yakushev.

As of today the first-phase facilities of the refinery produce basic positions, such as diesel fuel, residual oil. The projected commissioning of the second-phase facilities will allow mastering the production of gasoline. After full commissioning of facilities about 80% of the refinery’s products will be “light.” According to Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov the products of the refinery can be used at refueling stations of any level even now. “Since the oil of Tyumen is of a very high quality. And it is not mixed with the flows in the central Russia but comes to us practically from the oil well. Everything what is needed for good performance of engines is in this fuel. Residual oil is another product of our refinery. Its characteristics are better than of other similar products manufactured at many other Russian plants. Its combustion will be environmentally friendly,” pointed out the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The refinery’s first-phase construction was completed in late July. The recoupment period of the project is about 3 years. The construction of the second phase of the refinery is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2008. The production capacity will amount to some 2 million tons per year.

As is emphasized in the press service of the governor, Antipinsky Oil Refinery is to meet the region’s demand for diesel fuel in full and the Tyumen agricultural enterprises may expect moderate prices since the value of local fuel excludes transportation costs. Let us recall that the volume of oil products in the Tyumen Region is estimated at 1.2 million tons p.a. The main suppliers are Omsk Oil Refinery (550 kilometers away from Tyumen), Ufa Oil Refinery (800 kilometers away), and Permnefteorgsintez (600 kilometers away).

Irina Kryuchkova, Ura.ru Russian Information Agency

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