Ill Choice


As a result of the bankruptcy of Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC many corporate subcontractors which participated in the building of the second phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery have found themselves cornered; some of them cannot pay salaries in full and have to reduce personnel, among them there are companies which became on the brink of collapse. The editorial board of the magazine asked Maria YASHMETOVA, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, to comment on the situation.

- Maria Olegovna, why a decision to relegate the construction of the second phase of the refinery to Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC was taken in February 2011? Which criteria were taken into consideration when choosing the general contractor?

- The decision to relegate the construction to Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC was a forced measure, since at the time of the refinery’s construction general contractor, Tyumenpromstroi LLC, was not coping with its duties. We had to look for substitution thereof. As you understand, it is quite difficult to change a general contractor in the course of construction. We selected Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC for the purpose of building the only facility, the finished product sector (FPS). Unfortunately, we have made an ill choice.

- It came to our knowledge that some portion of money for completed second-phase facilities had been remitted to the general contractor at that time when the refinery faced economic problems. Did the management board of Antipinsky Oil Refinery know about that circumstance?

- By the time of the works completion it became clear that Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC was going bankrupt. Nevertheless, the work of the general contractor on building FPS was paid in full. The amount paid to it made up more than 600 million rubles. However, some portion of the money received the general contractor has not paid to subcontractors. As far as we know the debt of Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC to its subcontractors amounts to some 50 million rubles.

- How has this situation told on the activity of Antipinsky Oil Refinery itself?

- This situation has not affected us financially. However, after completion of works performed by general contractor Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC much has been left unfinished. We are disappointed with the work carried out by the company in question, we think that General Director of Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC Aleksandr KILYAKOV is a fraud.

- What measures is the management board of Antipinsky Oil Refinery going to take, or is already taking, in order to solve the problems connected with subcontractor payments, to recover funds remitted to Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC?

- According to Article 706 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation no subcontractor has a right to submit claims to the customer in connection with the breach of contracts made by and between the general contractor and subcontractors. As for Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC the taller has discharged its obligations to Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC in full. So, all claims of subcontractors should be addressed to the general contractor, namely, Slavneftstroi Construction Company CJSC.

- What measures is Antipinsky Oil Refinery taking in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the situation with the bankruptcy of the general contractor when building the third phase of the refinery?

- Velesstroy, one of the major companies in Russia specialized in the building of the most complex facilities of the oil and gas sector, has been selected as the general contractor for the third phase construction of the refinery. This company has won the reputation of a reliable, responsible, and highly professional partner. Taking our enterprise as an example we can confirm such positive recommendations, since construction is being implemented in strict compliance with schedules and plans.

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