All the Best for Tyumen


Despite its dreary and wet weather it seems that this summer will be very hot for the oilmen of the Urals Federal District. The emergence of a new and strong competitor on the oil refining market will make everybody sweat.

July 29 a ceremony was held dedicated to the official opening of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, a high tech enterprise applying only modern European standards in its work process for crude oil refining and output of oil products, such as gasoline, gasoil, tar, residual oil, diesel fuel of different grades (summer, winter, arctic), and bitumen, as well as fuel gas for the technological needs of the enterprise.

The terms “Tyumen Region” and “Oil Refinery” stand on a par with each other and mean practically the same. “Let’s stop allow others to earn money and “skim the cream off” our crude. It is time to leave the “cream” of the Tyumen oil for ourselves,” in such a way mayor Sergei Smetanyuk described the purpose of the establishment of the refinery in which the Tyumen regional authorities took an active part. Among the guests of honor present at the ceremony were Chief Federal Inspector of the Tyumen Region Vladimir Ulyanov, Chairman of the City Duma Sergei Medvedev, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Neftegazokhimicheskie Tekhnologii” Dmitry Mazurov, who appreciated a high potential of the enterprise and the significance of this event for further economic development of the city.

The annual demand of the Tyumen Region in oil and oil products accounts for some 1.2 million tons. The total capacity of the refinery for the production of POL will make up more than 1.6 million tons p.a.: the capacity of the first phase of the enterprise will amount to 540,000 tons p.a., the second-phase facilities are intended for the refining of 1.1 million tons of oil p.a. Such production load will completely meet the region’s own demands in POL and create a solid base for meeting the demands of neighboring regions.

The domestic output of oil products means much to Tyumen; first of all, it will do away with a knowingly unfavorable scheme when oil extracted in our region was transported to Ufa and Omsk and then returned having passed the way of thousands of kilometers and having acquired, as the final result, considerable additional value. One may definitely say that the “oil capital of the country” has stopped to be just a supplier of crude oil by advancing to a new level of strategic independence in the industry most important for the region.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery will supply the major portion of gasoil and tar to petrochemical and roof-felt factories in adjacent regions of the Urals Federal District, as well as Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. In the nearest future it is planned to reduce the output of dark products to 20% on account of swelling the volumes of the products of deep refining of oil: gasoline and diesel fuel compliant with the world’s standards. The construction of the enterprise’s own bitumen and asphalt unit will enable it to meet the demands of road construction companies.

According to General Director of the refinery Gennady Lisovichenko cost effectiveness is achieved on account of the way of forwarding POL materials as well. “If products from other regions are delivered in 60- and 120-ton railway tanks Antipinsky Oil Refinery uses its road-tanker loading rack making it possible to meet the demands of local consumers. A possibility to receive products in small volumes (from 5 cum) will be especially appreciated by small businesses and agricultural companies. The economists of the refinery have calculated that delivery by motor vehicles will be more cost-effective for the southern areas of the Tyumen Region, the nearby areas of the Kurgan and Sverdlovsk Regions, so no problems of selling are expected by the new enterprise.” The refinery complex will be able not only to meet the oil-product demand of the southern Tyumen Region, but also ensure the uninterrupted provision of farming enterprises with high quality and cheap POL all year round, what is especially needed during spring sowing and autumn harvesting campaigns.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery has made a serious approach to the solution of the personnel problem: in parallel with the engagement of regional professionals qualified in the area of oil refining the company’s “own labor reserve” from among the graduates of the relevant Tyumen higher educational institutions is undergoing training. It is difficult to overestimate the social significance of this fact: the total number of jobs will make up more than 250. The refinery’s design attaches no less importance to compliance with environmental and sanitary regulations: there are its own treatment facilities on the territory of the complex and industrial waters are safe for the environment.

Therefore, the set up of the refinery solves several diverse problems: first, it is considerably beneficial for all the POL consumers in the region by offering a low price on a par with excellent quality and convenient delivery; second, the emergence of a new major producer increases revenue allocations to the budget of Tyumen and its region; and, finally, it has a social effect, i.e. it provides employment at a modern rapidly developing enterprise and creates a favorable atmosphere for the development of the society in general.

When the official ceremony was over Gennady Lisovichenko handed in souvenirs to the guests of honor. Vitaly Kushchenko, head of the Tyumen Branch of Sverdlovsk Railways, wished further development and prosperity to the refinery on behalf of his subdivision and expressed his hope for future assistance and mutually advantageous cooperation with such a promising enterprise.

Please join our congratulations.

Sergei Sobolenko, Vechernyaya Tyumen

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