1. Vladimir Yakushev Mentions Main Areas of Activity Compensating For Shortfall Of Subsoil Tax In Regional Budget

Vladimir Yakushev Mentions Main Areas of Activity Compensating For Shortfall Of Subsoil Tax In Regional Budget


Moscow. Yesterday Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev paid a working visit to Moscow. In his speech he mentioned the main areas of activity which can substitute for the subsoil tax in the regional budget.

He recalled that the resolution on the centralization of the subsoil tax had been adopted at the level of the government of the Russian Federation in 2009. “The subsoil tax made up some 30% of our taxable base. That is why a resolution on compensating for the shortfall of incomes was adopted at the level of the government of the Russian Federation. In 2010 we received 100% compensation in the form of subsidies, as from 2011 compensations reduced by 25% annually. So, next year we will receive compensation only to the tune of 25%. Moreover, if initially the oil price of $56 per 1 barrel was taken as the basis for calculating tax now that the oil price is equal to some $100 per barrel incomes to the budget would amount to some 60 billion rubles. It is a great deal of money and we do understand that the program for the development of other areas of the economy which we have been implementing for 4 year won’t make up for the shortfall of incomes in full, that is why we continue to attract investors,” explained Vladimir Yakushev.

The Governor said that several major industrial enterprises not only of municipal and regional, but also of Russian federal significance, were being established in the region for the purpose of economic diversification.

Thus, SIBUR is implementing the project of building a polypropylene plant with the capacity of 500 thousand tons per year on the territory of the Tobolsk industrial site. Tobolsk-Polymer will yield its first products already in 2013. The second phase provides for the output of 500 thousand tons of polyethylene.

“Crude hydrocarbons extracted in the north of the region will be used as a raw material base. There is a product pipeline connecting refining facilities with the Tobolsk terminal. The prospects of this project are serious. When this enterprise attains its full rated capacity it will make a significant contribution to the regional budget,” explained Vladimir Yakushev.

According to the governor some completely new projects are being implemented in the region. For example, the area of metallurgy has never been essential for the Tyumen Region. Nevertheless, as of today the construction of an electric-furnace steelmaking plant on the territory of Tyumen is being completed by UGMK-Stal Holding. The enterprise will yield its first products already by the end of 2012. The plant will employ about 1000 people and provide the regional budget with considerable tax revenues.

One more major project which is being implemented in the regional capital is the construction of the third phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. As of today, the volume of investments in the production amounts to some 143 billion rubles. When the refinery begins to function at its full rated capacity the region will be provided with Euro-5 fuel.

“It is the first refinery on the territory of the former USSR which has been built from scratch using new up-to-date technologies for refining hydrocarbons. The production is friendly to the environment which fact has been proved by numerous expert reports,” Vladimir Yakushev emphasized.

The regional head also singled out the wood processing industry among other promising areas. Today only 25% of wood are used in the region. “Rich resources are at our disposal, and we work energetically in order to attract investors in this segment of business. In the soviet period there was one of the major plywood mills on the territory of the region. Now it is completely re-equipped, actually, a new factory has been built which focuses on the export of products in great demand in the former USSR republics and non-CIS countries. In the nearest future the enterprise will attain its rated capacity as well, and it will become our rather serious taxpayer,” said the regional head.

According to Vladimir Yakushev, in addition to the above projects all-out assistance is rendered to small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2010 750 million rubles have been allocated from the regional budget to cover the first installment of lease payments. As many as 401 entities of small business have managed to make use of this kind of assistance. Equipment to the tune of 3 billion 600 million rubles has been acquired. “This activity is of a long-term nature. As of today we begin to understand the real effect in the form of the increased volume of tax revenues. However, small and medium-sized businesses are important due to the fact that they provide jobs, fires and foremost, ” Vladimir Yakushev summed up.

Samotlor-Express, Oil And Gas Information Agency 

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