Cheap Fuel Promised to the Tyumenites

This was the statement made by Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Board of Directors. 
During the grand ceremony celebrating the commissioning of the second start-up complex of Workflow Phase III comprising a diesel fuel hydrotreating unit and several auxiliary facilities, the journalists asked the head of the company what the Tyumenites can count on with the launch of new capacities.

Dmitry Mazurov responded by talking about fuel and lubricant prices without specifying whether he was referring to diesel fuel the refinery started manufacturing on an industrial scale the day before, or gasoline the refinery will start producing commercially at the beginning of 2017. “If we compare the prices in the central part of Russia, not to mention Moscow, with our ex-factory prices, our prices are considerably lower – by 1000 rubles per ton,” said Dmitry Mazurov. “There are no reasons for them to grow, because we are a region located most closely to oil production facilities. The Omsk refinery also keeps the prices down it its region, because we are all fairly equidistant from sea ports, so fuel will not be sold at higher prices there either.

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