1. Tyumen Firemen Defend Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Tyumen Firemen Defend Antipinsky Oil Refinery


Yesterday exercises were held on the territory of Antipinsky Oil Refinery in which more than 40 firemen and 16 fire-fighting vehicles (including five special-purpose ones) took part.

In spite of the fact that there was no fire there responsibility was very high since according to the concept of organizers a lightning struck a tank with diesel fuel.

At the entrance to the territory of the refinery one could familiarize with the latest developments of Russian national manufacturers of fire fighting appliances. A heat-protective firefighting suit TOK-200 made in Russia using German material alphamaritex and resistant to eight hundred degrees C° above zero during 25 seconds was demonstrated among other numerous achievements of manufacturers.

Such large-scale exercises are conducted for the second time, firefighting equipment is inspected on an annual basis. According to A. Glazov, Chief of Propaganda Department of the Main Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry for the Tyumen Region, the exercises were conducted successfully, fire was localized. Such activities are important since the preparedness of the Emergencies Ministry forces to the like accidents is checked in the conditions which resemble the reality as much as possible.

Devices which are permanently at the disposal of the enterprise, the forces of a voluntary firefighting brigade and the regional Emergencies Ministry were used for the liquidation of fire at the refinery. Real fire would be localized under similar conditions, but nobody knows what will happen. One could do nothing but rely on brave firemen who have once again proved their combat readiness.

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