1. Tyumen Agrarians Sow Using Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Fuels

Tyumen Agrarians Sow Using Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Fuels


This year the sowing campaign in the south of the Tyumen Region is carried out using among others the fuel of Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The refinery processes 600 thousand tons of oil per year. Crude oil is delivered from the oilfields of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, the finished products, i.e. directly distilled gasoline, diesel fuel, and residual oil, are in great demand not only on the territory of Tyumen Region, but also in the largest cities of Russia.

Agricultural enterprises have already begun to fill the fuels of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. It will meet a 50% diesel-fuel demand of the region’s south already at the end of this year. An agreement has been made with the department of the agro-industry complex of the Tyumen Region on supplying POL to the farmers of the Tyumen Region for the 2007 agricultural works. We have already sold a considerable volume of diesel fuel to the agricultural enterprises of the southern Tyumen Region with discounts, of course, points out Gennady Lisovichenko, General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.

After commissioning of the second-phase facilities Antipinsky Oil Refinery must meet the region’s demand for diesel fuel in full. Construction works have already begun and in the fourth quarter of 2008 production volumes will grow five-fold. Even now some 80 tankers with finished products leave the refinery every day. Residual oil is transported immediately to the October Railways in the direction of St. Petersburg, while the diesel fuel is going to the north and south of the Tyumen Region, explains Aleksei Fedko, shipping shop chief.

The quality of finished products, according to Yamal-Inform, is checked here at several stages. Lab assistants and engineers of the chemical analytical laboratory of the refinery not only consider the condition of received crude oil, but also see to the environmental safety of the entire production. The quality of our products is really very good and this fact is proved by laboratory analyses, Nadezhda Pashnina, chemical analysis technician, is quoted as saying.

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