1. Tyumen Region to Meet Demand for Petroleum Products by Developing Own Production

Tyumen Region to Meet Demand for Petroleum Products by Developing Own Production

Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC is building the units, which will enable it to start the production of Euro-5 compliant fuel and bring the refining depth to 94%. Gennady Alexeevich Lisovichenko, General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC speaks about upcoming changes and ongoing work at the refinery. 

- Gennady Alexeevich, could you describe in more detail what changes are on the way for the Antipinsky Oil Refinery?
- First of all, it is the commissioning of secondary refining units. Everything that has been done at the refinery until now has been aimed at increasing the production capacity. In January, we achieved the installed refining capacity of 7.74 million tons per annum.  It allowed us to prepare the necessary base for secondary refining processes, as it is cost effective only if you have large capacities.
At the end of 2014, we are planning to commission our diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, which will enable us to start the production of Euro-5 compliant diesel fuel.
Thereafter, within one year, we will increase the refining depth to 94%, and in the first quarter of 2016, we will start the production of Euro-5 standard gasoline.
After the commissioning of these units, the share of semi-products at the refinery will be reduced to 20%. Until 2018, we will be building a vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit, which will enable us to get rid of semi-products completely.

- These developments are important not only to the refinery, but to the Tyumen Region as well, aren’t they?
- The region for the first time will be able to meet the demand for petroleum products through local manufacturing, and what is of particular importance is that new jobs will be created. The number of employees at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will increase to 2 500 people.

- Locally manufactured fuel and new jobs are certainly an advantage, but what impact will the expansion of the production have on the environmental situation in the region?
- The company places a high emphasis on environmental protection. In January 2014, we commissioned 5-step water treatment facilities meeting the most stringent environmental standards. State-of-the-art water treatment methods allow us to reuse up to 60% of treated wastewater for our production needs and bring the remaining 40% in line with the hygienic requirements for surface water protection. The refinery has invested over 3.8 billion rubles in the construction of its water treatment facilities.


Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC was established in July 2004. 
It is the first private oil refinery with the capacity of over 7.5 million tons per annum to have been built from scratch in 30 years. It is the only commercial-scale oil refinery in the Tyumen Region and Ural Federal District.
The refinery’s total installed crude refining capacity is 7.74 million tons per annum. The aggregate volume of its crude and product tank farm is 312 m3.

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery has the facilities to sell fuel ex-refinery by loading it into small 5 – 30-ton tank trucks, as well as by railroad with simultaneous loading of 71 tank cars.
The refinery is connected to Transneft JSC’s trunk pipelines with the throughput capacity of over 6 million tons per annum. Its advantageous location supported by a well-developed logistics infrastructure enables the refinery to sell its products all over the Ural Federal District.

- The refinery has attained high production indicators. Maybe it’s time to take a rest?
- What kind of rest can we be talking about when we have just started the construction of the delayed coking unit?! Moreover, we have made plans for diversified development of our production base, in particular, in the area of petrochemistry. Safe and well-coordinated operation of all refinery’s subdivisions means daily painstaking work of each and every employee.

- Would you mind sharing the secrets of success in your area of activity with your colleagues?
- The key elements of success are control and feedback at all stages (designing, ordering equipment, construction, commissioning works, operation).

- The last question: what role does ConsultantPlus system play in organizing the operation process at the refinery?
- Intelligent use of regulatory instruments, particularly in the ever-changing Russian legal reality, would have been impossible without a reliable assistant, and ConsultantPlus has been such assistant for our company for the last six years. The system helps our specialists to obtain information on the latest changes in legislation and review decisions passed by judicial authorities. It enables them to minimize the likelihood of legal and financial risks and avoid claims on the part of state authorities.

- Gennady Alexeevich, thank you for your answers. We wish the Antipinsky Oil Refinery sustainable development and prosperity!

- Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the winner of “Water of Russia” First National Water Industry Award in the “Best Project Aimed at Reducing Water Pollution” category (2014) - Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the only oil refinery in Russia carrying out modernization of its production facilities on schedule under the quadripartite agreement signed between FAS, Rostekhnadzor, Federal Tariffs Service and Antipinsky Oil Refinery - Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the best Russian company in 2013 in the “Leader in Labor Productivity” category according to Expert – 400 rating.

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