1. Strategic Sites of Tyumenpromstroi

Strategic Sites of Tyumenpromstroi


The representatives of all the territories of the southern Tyumen Region who built the abovementioned facilities have met at the conference in the office of the Tobolsk city administration. Vasily KOTYUKH, Director of Tyumenpromstroi Construction Company LLC, was among them. Vasily Yakovlevich mentioned to our correspondent that he was in charge of the construction of a noteworthy facility in Tyumen, namely, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, and he was ready to arrange for a tour thereto. Without delay we hurried to meet with that famous Tyumenpromstroi builder and then visit some sites of which Tyumenpromstroi was the general contractor.

So, an oil refinery is being built in the vicinity of the settlement of Antipino which will produce high quality gasoline and diesel fuel from Shaim oil ...

We have begun to build this refinery from the scratch. And I think that it will become very useful for Tyumen and its southern region, including for our builders, because the Tyumen people will do without resellers when buying POL, and, furthermore, about 300 million rubles will be channeled to the budget annually as taxes. First, the idea of building such a refinery came to the CEOs of Sibnefteprovod and equipment was bought for the purpose of its materialization. But due to some reasons the intention of building the refinery was forgotten. For as many as four years! Until a new customer decided to invest funds in this promising business American equipment had been lying useless at the customs. But now the impressive refinery rises above the flatland overgrowing with auxiliary buildings. We have applied great efforts to lay underground utilities which are now 70% ready. A tank battery for the storage of finished products and crude oil reserves is being built. As much as 20 thousand cum of sand have been laid under the sites. All in all, 14 tanks are to be constructed, deliveries of equipment from adjacent regions of the Urals Federal District have already commenced.

Distribution substations and garages are being constructed, finishing works are underway on the refinery’s administrative building, networks are being set in order, land improvements will start here in one month ... The railway dead-end with premises for workers will be also built. The entire complex shall function as accurately as a clock.

When we were passing by the skyward giant structure Vasily Yakovlevich explained: “It is the main column of the refinery. Due to the long-term and improper storage of its parts insulation went out of order. We had to remove it. In a week we will put a new insulation, that is, dress the tower… These are racks, the products will flow through pipes to tanks… These are furnaces for warming oil … The entire complex will be controlled by computer programs. In fact, it is very good that equipment has been prevented from damage. If everything goes as planned we will commission this technological miracle in the II quarter of 2006. ”

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