1. State Duma Speaker Inaugurates a New Production Facility at the Oil Refinery in Tyumen

State Duma Speaker Inaugurates a New Production Facility at the Oil Refinery in Tyumen


Today, on January 29, the RF State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin and the Tyumen Region Governor Vladimir Yakushev inaugurated the first startup complex of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Workflow Phase III in Tyumen.

“As part of the first stage of the refinery’s Workflow Phase III, we commissioned ELOU-AT-3 third oil refining unit with the capacity of 3.7 million tons per annum. Thus, the refinery’s resulting refining capacity will be increased to over 7.5 million tons per annum,” Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s CJSC Board of Directors, explained.

A number of other facilities were built along with the oil refining unit, in particular, a commercial-grade diesel fuel tank farm with the capacity of 80 K tons, crude oil tank farm with the capacity of 60 K tons and a modern five-step water treatment facility meeting the stringiest environmental standards.

Since 2009, the regional government has been rendering state support to the company in the form of corporate property tax concessions. The total sum of such concessions for 2009-2012 amounted to 306,531.70 rubles.

Despite the fact that the Tyumen Region is one of the country’s largest oil producing regions, it had to bring light petroleum products from other regions: Omsk, Ufa and Perm. Therefore, the construction of the region’s own oil refinery was natural and justified.

It should be noted that the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the only commercial-scale oil refinery in the Tyumen Region and the Urals Federal District. It is advantageously located next to a well-developed logistics infrastructure, connected to Transneft trunk pipelines with a total capacity of 6 million tons per annum with provisions made for the company development including Workflow Phase III. The refinery has the facilities to sell fuel to other enterprises ex-refinery by loading it into small 5 – 30-ton tank trucks.

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