Assuming Full Responsibility

The so called major enterprises the activity of which gives impetus to the economic development of entire regions and industries constitute the driving force of growth. As of today Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the largest private enterprise implementing the most large-scale investment project without governmental participation, is the unquestioned leader in the Tyumen Region.

“Tyumen”: National Rating Agency has confirmed the high creditworthiness rating of your enterprise. What does it mean for the refinery?

Gennady Lisovichenko: Our company demonstrates high growth rates. Key financial and operational indices have been on the rise for already several years. It is conditioned, first and foremost, by substantial investments in industrial development, as well as by favorable external factors, such as the advantageous geographical position of our enterprise. All that served as the basis for confirming the creditworthiness rating of Antipinsky Oil Refinery at the A+ level by the National Rating Agency.
The main purpose of such evaluations is to inform potential creditors or investors about expectancy of timely fulfillment by the enterprise of its financial obligations. It is not only an opportunity for our refinery to receive funds on a long-term basis, swell its output, reduce the cost of borrowed funds, but also the indicator of good business practice which contributes to the growth of the investment potential of the refinery.


How is the preparation for Euro-5 gasoline production progressing? Has the government agreed with oil producers in terms of time extension?
In 2013 the construction of the first stage of the third workflow phase will be completed. The new ELOU-AT-3 unit commissioning will enable us to swell oil refining volumes up to 7.5 million tons p.a. Much work is in store. Next construction stages are scheduled up to 2018.
As far as the time extension is concerned, I’d like to note that we are grateful to the governmental authorities since they have met our oil refiners halfway and postponed transfer to Euro-5 fuel until the year 2016.
By this time we plan to transfer to the production of Euro-5 motor gasoline. The output of Euro-5 diesel fuel is to begin already in 2014, and in 2015 the oil processing depth will reach up to 94%.

Industrial production is inevitably connected with environmental risks and sometimes the public considers them too high for a regional center. Do such discussions arise with regard to Antipinsky Oil Refinery?

Being a contemporary enterprise we fully understand the extent of our social responsibility, including in the sphere of ecology. It should be noted that requirements of regulatory authorities in this area become stricter and stricter. That is why the construction of new and modernization of available environmentally friendly facilities is being carried out uninterruptedly in fact. Thus, at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 we plan to commission treatment facilities of a novel type, what will make it possible to raise the level of environmental safety many times.
The facilities in question occupy the area of 10.73 hectares and consist of the following components: physical-chemical wastewater treatment block (impeller floatation), biological treatment block (membrane bioreactor), advanced post-treatment and disinfection block using sorption carbon filters, followed by UV effluent disinfection and the block of dehydration of trapped oil products, residues, and excess sludge.

It should be specially underlined that the most high-tech equipment made by such most advanced Russian and foreign companies as “Komsomolets” Tambov Plant OJSC, LIT Research and Production Association, EKO-Umvelt CJSC, TEKO-FILTR Production Enterprise LLC, Zickert (Sweden), Separation Specialist (USA), GE Water & Process Technologies (Hungary), and others will be used here.
Up-to-date methods applied to the treatment of industrial, rainfall and domestic sewage waters will enable the refinery to reuse up to 60 % of treated wastewaters for technical purposes of the enterprise, and improve the remaining 40% of water as required by hygienic standards applicable to surface water protection subsequently discharging them to the Tura River.
The accredited ecological and analytical laboratory of the enterprise will exercise quality control over wastewaters at all stages.

FIGURES and FACTS Nowadays about one thousand people are working at Antipinsky Oil Refinery. This indicator will be doubled in the coming three years. Citizens of the Tyumen Region account for approximately 90% of the refinery’s team.
Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the first in Russia to acquire access to Transneft pipeline system after the new law effectiveness.
The volume of investments is planned at the level of USD 2 billion within the period from 2010 to 2015.
In 2015 the first 1.5 million tons of oil products will enter Transneft pipeline system what will enable us to reduce expenses twice.
Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC states that the 2012 company revenues grew by 27% making up 55.7 billion rubles, exclusive of the VAT.
The 2012 EBITDA index made up USD 190 million taking into account other companies of the Group.

Can your business be called strategically important for the region?

This question is most likely referred to the competence of regional authorities since it is them who plan the development strategy of the region. Our refinery forms an integral part of the regional economy and, naturally, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with authorities of different levels.
The significance of the enterprise for the region is illustratively proved by the fact that Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC has been ranked among TOP-5 major taxpayers of the Tyumen Region (today it occupies the 2nd place – Editor’s note). In addition to fulfilling our tax liabilities in good faith we provide targeted charitable assistance by allocating funds to orphanages, boarding schools, cultural institutions, the regional organization of the disabled. We maintain friendly relations with Orphanage No. 66 for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Speaking about targeted assistance it should be noted that some days ago Antipinsky Oil Refinery helped Tolgat Esbolov. The refinery’s management team was not indifferent to the problems of the boy and a decision was taken on allocating 600 thousand rubles for buying high quality up-to-date prostheses for him in Germany.

Oil extraction is inevitably reducing at largest oil fields of Western Siberia. Is there enough crude for your refinery?

A slight growth-rate slowdown of oil production in Russia coincides with the analytical expectations. But this situation in no way tells on the functioning of Antipinsky Oil Refinery since the major portion of crude intended for refinery is acquired at free markets. But how the oil production slowdown will tell on its price is quite a different matter. Crude oil shortage can trigger the price growth for oil refinery products. But it is too prematurely to speak about it so far.

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