Eager to Work Even at Night

Yesterday the Honors Board was unveiled at Antipinsky Oil Refinery to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the enterprise. The portraits of the laboratory workers, unit operators, and mechanics are displayed on it.

Chief Specialist of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Department Aleksandr Babich says that the normal functioning of the enterprise depends namely on these persons. - They are selected very thoroughly! – Babich exclaims. – The work they do requires even more responsibility than that at oil fields, since at oil fields there are no such high temperatures and pressures, and so many products are not accumulated there. Any unqualified person would simply become an involuntary killer ... Mechanic Ivan Georgiev recollects that several times he had to wake up at night and rush to the site because one of mechanisms had failed.

Four years ago he came to work (right from the oil sector) at the second refinery unit. Now he takes part in the assembly of the third one. They plan to commission it by the yearend and then begin the production of high octane gasoline. Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors Dmitry Mazurov said that hard work is lying ahead. - When we just fixed the first column seven years ago we thought that we had bought a refinery, he smiled ironically. – But life introduced amendments. By 2015 we are to commission six new workshops, increase the processing depth and production volumes. Then the refinery will become really up-to-date. Our workers are ready for difficulties. Ivan Georgiev doesn’t understand former trade-union members who have quarreled with managers… One may and must work at the enterprise. Moreover, it is prestigious.

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