Growing as Planned


DEAR COLLEAGUES! RUSSIA’S OILMEN! Congratulations on your professional holiday on behalf of our company! 

Oil and gas industry of our country remains a leader in terms of modernization, economic growth and export potential.

The state and society need our work, and I am absolutely convinced that the potential of the industry is far from being fully realized, and new large-scale projects aimed at sustainable development of Russia are on the way!

I wish you professional growth, good health and prosperity!

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery is celebrating its professional holiday with new achievements, its people have something to be really proud of.

May I remind you that the Antipinsky Oil Refinery has in the last 30 years become the first modern, totally private industrial greenfield oil refinery whose capacity is over 7.5 million tons of oil per annum, quality of products will meet Euro-5 standard (diesel fuel from 4Q 2014  and gasoline from 2016) and the refining depth will reach 94% (in 2015).

As of today, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the only industrial oil refining facility not only in the Tyumen region, but throughout the entire Ural Federal District.

From the first day of its operations, the company has been committed to improving and expanding its facilities. In 2008, the first production line underwent modernization, and the refinery capacity reached the petroleum product capacity of 740 KTPA .

Two years later, with the commissioning of Workflow Phase II of 2.75 MPTA capacity, the refinery’s total capacity reached 3.5 MTPA, and by 2012, after the modernization of Workflow Phase II (ELOU-AT-1+ ELOU-AT-2 units), the refinery’s total capacity reached 4.2 MTPA.

2014 has not become an exception for us in terms of growth and development rates. In January, with the participation of Sergey Naryshkin, the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen Region, Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC, the third ELOU-AT-3 oil refining unit with a capacity of 3.7 MTPA was commissioned bringing the refinery’s installed capacity to 7.74 MTPA.

A good supplement to the new unit was the completion of construction of a commercial-grade diesel fuel tank farm (80,000 m³) and crude oil tank farm (60,000 m³). As a result, the total volume of the reserve crude oil tank farm reached 112,000 m³, and crude oil/products storage – 312,000m³.

Meanwhile, the refinery’s investors and executives fully realize that rapid development of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery should not affect the Tyumen Region environment, therefore, environmental matters are one of the company’s main priority areas. It is for that reason that simultaneously with the commissioning of the third unit, we have launched state-of-the-art five-stage water treatment facilities.

Russian- and foreign-made equipment complex provides for complete biological treatment of industrial and storm waters, as well as domestic wastewaters. Wastewater is treated in multiple stages: pre-treatment, physical and chemical treatment, biological treatment, advanced treatment, and decontamination. The physical and chemical treatment section consists of separators and impeller floaters; the biological treatment section comprises nitrifiers and denitrifiers, and membrane bioreactors; advanced post-treatment is performed using sorption carbon filters; decontamination uses ultraviolet units.

At sludge dewatering facilities, the collected oil products are dewatered and returned to production for reprocessing.

In contrast to standard layout and traditional technologies, the refinery’s wastewater treatment facilities use modern technologies enabling it to halve the footprint of the facilities, prevent contamination of lands and groundwater with oil products, and to ensure wastewater treatment to MAC level for fishery water bodies.

Our environmental protection efforts have been rewarded by “Water of Russia” First National Water Industry Award in the “Best Project Aimed at Reducing Water Pollution” category.

It should be noted that the commissioning of the new third unit is just the first step towards comprehensive technological development of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. In 2018, upon completion of the construction of all process stages, the refinery will produce a wide range of high quality petroleum products. For example, Euro-5 gasoline A-92, A-95; D-Euro-b diesel fuel (summer, winter and Arctic grades), petroleum coke, granulated sulfur.

Thus, by the end of this year, the refinery is planning to commission a diesel fuel hydrotreating unit enabling the plant to commence production of Euro-5 diesel fuel (with sulfur content not exceeding 10 ppm and necessary pour point to enable the production of winter and Arctic grade diesel fuel).

The next stage (in 2015) will be the commissioning of a combined tar carbonization unit with a fuel oil vacuum distillation module enabling the increase of oil refining depth up to 94%.

In 2016, we are planning switch over to the production of high-octane Euro-5 gasolines by commissioning of a gasoline reformer with continuous regeneration of the catalyst and isomerization unit.

The Construction of a vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit is scheduled for 2017-2018.

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