By Right of a Leader

In March 2014, Antipinsky Oil Refinery Joint Stock Company refined its 15 millionth ton of oil. It is a major achievement of the company by right considered to be one of the most promising enterprises in the Ural Federal District, which Igor Kholmanskikh, plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia in the Ural Federal District, noted in his speeches on a number of occasions. 

Today, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is extensively implementing the program of modernizing its exisiting and building new capacities to shift over to the production of Euro-5 compliant diesel fuel and gasolines, increase the refining depth to more than 94% and improve its environmental and industrial safety. The refinery’s installed capacity total 7.74 million tons of oil per annum.

At the end of 2014, the refinery is planning to commence the production of diesel fuel meeting the requirements of Euro-5 standard. It will be made possible by the commissioning of the diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, hydrogen generation unit and elemental sulfur production unit with a granulation module. In 4Q 2015, the refinery will complete the construction of the deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel oil vacuum distillation module increasing the refining depth to more than 94%. In 2016, a gasoline reformer with continuous catalyst regeneration and an isomerization unit will be commissioned. In 2017-2018 the refinery is planning to build a vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit. It will also build a second hydrogen generation unit and off-site facilities.

The completion of the construction of all workflows will enable the refinery to produce a wide range of petroleum products, in particular, Euro-5 compliant А-92 and А-95 gasolines, Euro-5 diesel fuel (of summer and winter grades), petroleum coke, granulated sulfur, autogas (motor propane-butane) and BTX group petrochemical products.

In December 2013, Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC and Sberbank of Russia OJSC Sberbank entered into a credit facility agreement for the amount of USD 1 billion 750 million and bank guarantees for up to USD 4 billion to finance the construction of the refinery’s Workflow Phase III and refinance the refinery’s existing credit obligations for a 10-year term.

Today, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the only commercial-scale oil refinery in Ural Federal District is capable of meeting the region ever growing demand of the region’s enterprises for petroleum products. It is no surprise that the refinery ranked second largest tax payer in the region having paid over 116 million rubles in taxes.

Moreover, the company has consistently implemented a set of environmental safety measures. In 2014, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery commissioned state-of-the-art five-step water treatment and water conditioning facilities. The treatment facilities capacity provides for intake and purification of all operation and storm wastewater produced by the Antipinsky Refinery facilities, as well as domestic wastewater. The Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s total investment in the construction of water treatment facilities and industrial and environmental safety amounts to RUB 3.8 billion.

At the meeting held to discuss the implementation of the Concept of Long-term Socio-economic Development of the Tyumen Region up to 2020 with an Outlook to 2030, Igor Kholmanskikh expressed confidence that the construction of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Workflow Phase III and the implementation of other large-scale investment projects will facilitate further development of the Tyumen Region industry.

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