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The last few decades have passed under the sign of constantly growing attention to environmental issues. More and more people come to understanding that one cannot recklessly scoop resources given by the nature, on the contrary, every act involves responsibility. In the Tyument Region, this problem is especially topical, what results in higher responsibility falling on enterprises working in the sphere of oil and gas. Antipinsky Oil Refinery is one of organizations implementing new innovative solutions in the sphere of environment protection and industrial safety. To solve the relevant tasks, the enterprise conducts complex activities along various trends.

High standards Minimization of the negative impact on the environment was already contemplated at the stages of the refinery engineering and construction. Special attention was paid to application of high environmental standards. In particular, a sealed system is used in the whole process chain. Oil is discharged from the process equipment safety valves through a closed system to drainage containers, from where the liquid phase returns to the feedstock depot and gas phase is sent to the flare system. Vessels and pipelines are emptied in a similar way in the event of a shutdown for repair. This allows to avoid pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. To protect underground water, an air cooling system is used, the efficiency of which considerably grows in the cold season. The refinery uses surface waste water organized drainage schemes and methods of purification in treatment facilities; recycling of industrial effluent and steam condensate which is collected in a gasoline trap for electric desalting. To prevent waste water emergency disposal, at the time of the 2nd commissioning and start up complex construction, all pipelines were laid at the depth from one and a half to four meters. To prevent corrosion, only modern coverings and materials are used in domestic and industrial and storm water runoff system and drainage sewer vessels, and shutoff and control valves and process equipment are always chosen in accordance with operational characteristics and the fluid corrosiveness.

To prevent pressure increase in the system of preset parameters, the equipment is provided with safety valves. In addition, mandatory permanent automated gas content control is performed.

Among technological solutions allowing to reduce the load on the environment, the following should be mentioned: equipping containers and oil and light petroleum products loading racks with gas surge systems; maintenance of positive temperature lowest limit in finished product storage tanks to reduce the product evaporation; fuel-burning units combustion gases scattering with the help of pipes of sufficient height.

To avoid accidents, equipment and pipelines undergo mandatory endurance trials after installation. To prevent emergency situations, technological process control and automation systems are used and precise observation of the set parameters is ensured. Pipelines and various structures are properly sealed, so, oil and oil products spillage is excluded. All concrete platforms for process equipment are provided with containment fencing and ramps, and the sumps – with valves and hydraulic seals.

Environmental control The plan of nature protection measures for ensuring environmental safety and minimization of the negative impact on the environment is regularly adjusted taking into consideration new facilities commissioning and analysis of measures taken in the previous year. The plan main task is reduction of the harmful impact on the nature. Besides, it pursues the aim of high quality production and environment monitoring of the sources of harmful substances emissions into the atmosphere and their possible impact on the environment. Finally, great attention is paid to the improvement of the nature protection activities management system in accordance with the requirements of local, regional, federal, and international standards, and to observation of the applicable law.

For this purpose, the enterprise effects continuous production and environment control. A special department is responsible for it, which consists of highly qualified employees whose obligations include revelation and prevention of environment regulations violations, planning and control of various measure in the field of environment protection.

Monitoring is performed by the enterprise chemical-and-analytical accredited laboratory fitted with modern equipment, as well as other accredited Tyumen laboratories. To a great extent, reduction of the load on the environment is achieved thanks to the environment department work.

The management analyses information on the environmental situation on the enterprise territory and beyond and takes it into account when making decisions in the field of nature protection and production activities.

Biological treatment systems Today, Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC is constructing facilities that in the future, in the event of oil processing capacity increase, will be able to ensure treatment of industrial effluent and stormwater to the required degree. This will allow to use treated waste water again or to dispose it into a fishery water body both from the existing production and from newly commissioned or being designed facilities.

The waste water treatment system will consist of four main units. The first unit is designed for the main structures protection from garbage, salvo and emergency pollutant disposals, control of initial waste water irregular delivery to the main treatment facilities.

In the second unit, preliminarily clarified waste water is separated from suspended particulate matter and oil products.

In the third unit, effluent biological treatment will be performed (with a membrane biological reactor of company GE Water and Process Technologies). This development has a number of advantages in comparison with the traditional technology. Firstly, it creates a possibility for significant improvement of the treatment quality due to effective removal of suspended and colloid substances, bacteria, viruses. Another advantage is creation of the required conditions for effective biological destruction of organic compounds and biological organisms due to the membrane ability to hold long molecules for a long time. In addition, due to the membrane bioreactor use, the areas occupied by treatment facilities are considerably reduced. And finally, an important positive aspect is the process automation, with modern control equipment used, the algorithms for which are developed on the basis of biological treatment control researches.

In the last, fourth unit, the waste water final purification will be performed (process of dual filtration through carbon absorption filters, then the waste water ultraviolet decontamination until it meets SanPiN (Sanitary Rules and Regulations) standards (“Hygienic Requirements to Surface Water Protection”). In total, the treatment facilities occupy the area of 10.73 hectares.

Collaboration with a view to the future In 2013, the enterprise plans to reach the oil processing volume of 7.5 MIO tons per year. According to the preliminary calculations, in case of such increase of the volume, harmful substances emissions into the atmosphere will grow by 8-10% of the total emissions volume. In this connection, a program of nature protection measures for 2013 will be developed to ensure the enterprise environmental safety. Atmospheric air laboratory tests have been performed to check compliance with the requirement to the maximum allowable emission of contaminants from industrial emission sources and on the border of the sanitary protection zone. For the purpose of environmental safety, Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC management actively interacts with the Regional Government, Rosprirodnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Nature Management Supervision) and Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights) Departments for the Tyumen Region, and with the Tyumen Administration Environment Committee. At the background of growing oil extraction and processing volumes, issues of environment protection and industrial safety are of the top priority for both state authorities and oil processing companies. An acute need in complex measures aimed at minimization of oil processing facilities industrial operation harmful impact on the environment is observed at modern oil refinery plants. Thanks to common efforts and the complex approach to nature protection matters, it became possible to achieve the oil refinery minimal impact on the environment.

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