Oil Birthday Present


On its 420th anniversary Tyumen was presented with large, brick-built, and well equipped Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

On July 29 its official opening ceremony was held. The place of its location on the sixth kilometer of the Old Tobolsky highway was chosen on purpose. The refinery is conveniently situated between the railway and motorway.

The enterprise will deal with the refining of West-Siberian oil delivered through the trunk pipelines of Transneft OJSC.

Commodity output includes gasoline, diesel fuel, residual oil, gasoil, tar, bitumen. The overall capacity of the refinery in terms of the POL production will account for 1,700 thousand tons per year!

The major part of gasoil and tar will be supplied to petrochemical and roofing-felt factories in adjacent regions, to the plants of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. Subsequently the enterprise plans to install its own bitumen and asphalt unit to meet the demands of regional motor-road constructors.

Actually, the opening ceremony has just crowned the completion of the first stage. No motor noise is heard so far, no first oil is running along the racks, the refinery seems to be dormant. But it is not so. Now start up and adjusting operations are underway in the laboratory, railway tank loading operator’s room, and in the premise which the workers proudly call “the main control compartment.”

Let’s have a glance at the laboratory. Chemist Nina Ufimtseva is in charge of this complicated sector. She arranged for a small tour for us to familiarize with the rooms. We saw equipment intended for the analysis of oil products, industrial waters, monitoring of the boiler room, calorimeter… And many other things of whatever nature!

Slips of paper are temporarily stuck near every device. Nina Borisovna says that no notice plates will be there later. She thinks that a good specialist will learn how to work without hints. Most of equipment is automatic and, therefore, less dangerous to health.

In general terms, as far as occupational safety is concerned the laboratory is equipped with ventilation, even storage cabinets are connected to it. And the fire alarm system activates only in case of flame since no smoke is formed when chemical agents are burning.

Nina Borisovna worked at a large oil refinery in Omsk for 12 years that is why the equipment installed here seems tiny to her. Twenty people working as lab assistants and engineers are on the staff of the laboratory together with her. In addition to the certification of produced output the laboratory will constantly monitor the condition of ambiance and environment.

Behind the laboratory there is a railway tank filling control room and the rack. Trains will approach it by rail tracks. The rack is empty so far and there are only guards by the control room and wiremen laying wires.

There are vast empty areas on the territory of the refinery. They are intended for the construction of the second-phase facilities which will enhance the capacity of the enterprise.

The commissioning of the complex will provide employment for 207 people. As many as 120 of them have already been hired.

According to the refinery’s General Director Gennady Lisovichenko, Antipinsky Oil Refinery will not only meet the oil-product demand of the southern Tyumen Region, but also provide agricultural enterprises with high-quality and cheaper fuel. It will bring considerable incomes to the municipal budget, too.

Anna Chudinova, The Courier of Tyumen

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