1. EMERCOM Tactical Training Exercise at Antipinsky Oil Refinery

EMERCOM Tactical Training Exercise at Antipinsky Oil Refinery


Fire extinguishing tactical training exercise in a 3,000 m3 tank was held in the territory of Antipinsky Oil Refinery in Tyumen today.

According to the Press Service of the EMERCOM Tyumen Regional Office, fire-fighting crews had to eliminate the effects of the tank air explosion. The amount of damages, under the sponsors' concept, was rather extensive: partially broken roof and emission of diesel oil followed by combustion.

When the first fire-fighting crews arrived, the affected area made 100 m3. The fire fighters could not count on an automatic fire-extinguishing unit to help. According to the “training” scenario, the unit was damaged by an explosion wave.

From the very beginning, principal efforts were made by the fire fighting personnel to eliminate the effects: in addition to extinguishment of the “fire” tank, the adjacent fuel tanks were cooled.

More than thirty fire fighting machines and fire bluster tank trucks arrived to the site. After a time, the fire-fighting staff summed up the first results: the fire has been successfully suppressed.

The fire was finally extinguished by a foam attack: powerful foam jets covered the tank in a few minutes. The training exercise was completed as per the schedule; the fire-fighting crews successfully coped with the task.

Apart from the divisions of the EMERCOM Tyumen Regional Office, the forces and facilities of the special contingency division, Tyumen regional Emergency Response Service, divisions of the Main Department of the Interior: Patrol Duty Service and Road Police, Emergency Call Service and Emergency Medicine Service took part in the event.

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