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It is already half a century that the Tyumen Region has been, first of all, an oil and gas brand form the whole world. What new features the region has added to its image in the recent years, how oil extraction and processing, petroleum chemistry and oil and gas industry develop today – is described in the interview of the Tyumen Region Governor Vladimir Yakushev.

Ed.: What events became landmark in the oil and gas sector in 2012?

V. YAKUSHEV: The whole year of 2012 passed in the Tyumen Region under the sign of the hundredth anniversary of Victor I. Muravlenko – the first Head of Glavtyumen-neftegas (Tyumen Main Oil and Gas Department), founder of the Western-Siberian Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC), a man of legend.

I am convinced that present and future generations must know and remember the names of Tyumen oil and gas virgin fields pioneering explorers – Muravlenko, Ervier, Salmanov, and many-many others. This is part of our history, its colorful page. For more than half a century, this country has been taking advantage of their labor results.

Speaking about production performance, last year, oil workers produced more than seven tons of oil in the Uvatsky District, what exceeds the level of 2011 by one million. A new perspective deposit – Malouimskoye – was discovered. By the way, “black gold” extraction in the Tyumen Region Southern area was also mentioned in Victor Muravlenko’s strategic plans.

This growth is secured by active use of innovative technologies, materials, and equipment, what will allow, in particular, to reach in the near future an almost 100% level of associated petroleum gas utilization (while quite recently, it did not exceed one third).

Commissioning of “Tobolsk-Polymer” – the biggest in Russia polypropylene production complex – will become this year’s landmark event.

On the basis of “SIBUR Holding” enterprises located in Tobolsk, a petroleum chemistry cluster is being formed, which can give an impetus to many perspective investment projects development. In particular, processing of polymers, manufacturing of products from polypropylene and polyethylene, including packing materials, cargo containers, household goods, home appliances parts.

We are interested in investors that will create new enterprises on the territory of the Tobolsk petroleum chemistry zone. For this purpose, a land plot has been allotted; the problem of its comprehensive infrastructural support is being settled: connection to power, gas, heat, water supply and drainage networks will be provided, there are already a motor road and a railway near the plot. We must take advantage of the new production to the full extent, for the benefit of our region and its population.

Ed.: And how does the region interact with the investors in the oil and gas complex development?

V. YAKUSHEV: The Tyumen Region Government organizes its work in such a way so that it could focus on the main priorities and actually enhance the region economic performance. Investors are provided with state support, irrespectively of the industry or sphere of activities.

What I mean is, first of all, tax exemption. Exemptions are granted for profit, property, and transport tax. We also support industrial, wood enterprises, small and medium-scale business, including by way of reimbursement of credit interests and equipment leasing costs.

As to the oil and gas sector proper, products manufactured in the Tyumen Region can be 8% more demanded than the competitors’ products, as the region compensates to oil and gas companies operating in the Russian Federation 8% of the value of the equipment ordered from Tyumen enterprises.

Ed.: What are the main vectors of the region development in the oil and gas sector, oil and gas and petroleum chemistry industry?

V. YAKUSHEV: The Tyumen Region has played and is playing the role of the main base for exploration of the West-Siberian oil and gas province with a great industrial and scientific and technical potential.

In the region oil production, the leading positions are held by company ТНК-ВР implementing a project involving development of an oil-producing complex in the Tyumen Region with exploration of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves in the Uvatsky District.

The region enjoys favorable conditions for development of hydrocarbon processing productions. Such conditions include: proximity of the raw material base, availability of electrical power capacities, utility, transport, and industrial infrastructure, considerable water resources.

Today, enterprises, on the base of which modernization, expansion and construction of new productions of a higher value-added level is being performed or planned, operate on the region territory.

The first group is constituted by oil processing enterprises. They, first of all, include the modern Antipinsky Oil Refinery. The refinery is actively developing, in prospect, it plans to expand processing capacities (the 3rd and 4th workflow phases) up to 7 MIO tons per year. Its programs provide for manufacturing of a wide specter of petroleum products of a higher value-added level with modern technological configuration and processing depth up to 95% conforming to EURO standards environmental requirements, as well as associated modern products and materials demanded in the market.

Petroleum chemistry enterprises belonging to the second group of processing industries are represented by the industry leader – Tobolsk-Neftechim LLC.

Light hydrocarbons – broad fraction complex processing has become the main trend in production activities of the Tobolsk petroleum chemistry integrated plant.

A whole complex of industrial enterprises manufactures products for the oil and gas complex. They include reputed world leaders – Schlumberger, Bentek, Baker Hughes, Dina Energetics, strong regional enterprises – Sibneftemash, Neftemash, Gazturboservice, etc.

Besides, the Tyumen Region is a historically formed major educational and technological center for education in the field of oil and gas comprising educational institutions, leading oil and gas companies scientific research institutes, the Tyumen Technopark – West-Siberian Innovation Center.

Ed.: What are the dynamics of the oil and gas service development? What new productions are opened in this sphere?

V. YAKUSHEV: In 2013, several major investment projects in this sphere will enter the final straight.

American oil service company Baker Hughes is implementing an investment project for organization of cable production and production of equipment for well completion. State-of-the-art technologies will be used for products manufacturing. It is planned to create about 200 jobs. The investments amount to more than 1.5 billion rubles.

The enterprise will produce up to 8 thousand kilometers of oil submersible cable per year. Today, the company considers a possibility for construction of the second workflow phase and creation of a training center.

Dina Energetics company is constructing a plant for manufacturing of no-plug jet charges and special detonating cords in the Tyumen Region Nizhnetavdinsky Municipal Formation. Commissioning period is the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013.

The new production provides for up to 60 one-shift jobs and up to 100 people working in 2 shifts. The total estimated investments amount to 720 MIO rubles. Today, the company considers a possibility for construction of the second workflow phase.

Ed.: What will be the Uvatsky project further development?

V. YAKUSHEV: This investment project provides for a complex of geological exploration works, measures for assessment and involvement in production of the Uvatsky group deposits; performance of scientific research works for increasing exhausted deposits oil yield.

The Uvatsky project comprises a group of 12 license blocks and 22 deposits, four of which are already put into operation: Kalchinskoye, Urnenskoye, Ust-Tegusskoye, and Tyamkinskoye. In 2012, exploration of Yuzhno-Petyogskoye deposit started.

It is expected that, in 2013, the extraction volume of the group of deposits will increase by approximately 10%. In the current year, it is planned to produce more than 8 MIO tons of oil, in comparison with 7 MIO tons in 2012.

The Uvatsky project implementation to a great extent determines the development strategy of oil production in the South of the region in the next years. Involvement in production of available reserves will allow to increase petroleum production in Southern areas of the Tyumen Region up to the level of 10 MIO tons per year already in the near future (2015).

Ed.: The region oil and gas complex is dynamically developing, what made it possible?

V. YAKUSHEV: In the post-Soviet era, business world rejected the idea of building large oil processing enterprises. Such approach involves enormous capital investments, great responsibility for production industrial and environmental safety. It is much easier to pump crude oil through the pipes. We have taken a different path. An oil refinery was built in the region, it started with small volumes, low processing depth, but investors understood that, without raising the level of quality, without a technological leap forward, it will not be possible to remain in the market.

Presently, the refinery products quality is approaching modern world standards. We should not forget that, for the whole history of modern Russia, only two major oil refinery plant have been built in the country. One of them is Antipinsky Oil Refinery. It is something to be proud of.

Petrochemical industry is becoming the regional development locomotive – first of all, thanks to SIBUR Holding projects. In particular, construction of the biggest in Russia propylene production complex Tobolsk-Polymer is being completed.

The index of the regional oil products manufacturing in 2006-2011 was more than 330%. The planned creation of the West-Siberian hydrocarbons high-level processing complex will increase this index even more. Traditional branches do not tread water either. The Tyumen oil and gas service, that has grown almost twice in five years, continues to gain traction – in close collaboration with the world leaders. Bentek, Baker Hughes, Dina Energetics plants are being built and developing. More than 12 thousand specialists have been prepared by the Schlumberger Siberian training center – the most modern and largest in the world.

Our region’s positions in the fuel and energy sphere are strong as before. In the recent years, a multi-industry, diversified production complex has been created, with innovation technologies coming to the fore in its development. These achievements in many ways predetermine the Tyumen Region development prospects.

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