1. Governor Visits Facilities Under Construction

Governor Visits Facilities Under Construction


Governor Sergei Sobyanin of the Tyumen Region visited some construction sites of the regional center. The oil refinery which is being built in the area of Antipino has become his first stop. The estimated capacity of the refinery after commissioning of the first and second phases of production facilities will amount to One million one hundred thousand tons. According to Gennady Lisovichenko, General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the first phase will yield 600 thousand tons of products, the second one – 500 thousand tons. As per the project the refinery will output diesel fuel of two brands, gasoil, and tar. Noteworthy is that most of gasoil and tar will be supplied outside the region to roof-felt producing plants, whereas the diesel fuel will be sold within the region.

According to the estimates of investors the refinery will yield return on investments already in 2-3 years subsequently bringing considerable profit. But there are some minor problems: more land is needed for the development of industrial production, namely, the oil loading terminal, the laboratory. The refinery won’t be able to make progress in accordance with the existing project. The governor gave instructions to consider the allotment of the neighboring unused land plot with the subsequent review of the relevant design documentation.

The governor visited school No. 32 located in Antipino, too. This year according to the refurbishment plan a regular repair has been carried out in the school and all the old windows of the building have been replaced with new ones. Now only facades remain to be done and thereafter the school will be ready to host pupils. On September 1st a new gym will open its doors for children together with the revamped school, finishing works are nearing completion there today. As many as 600 schoolchildren will have an opportunity to visit three exercise rooms in addition to the main gym and in the nearest future the school’s own football field, as well. Today Sergei Sobyanin has given instructions to allocate additional one million and five hundred thousand rubles for its reconstruction. Builders promise to complete works at the site before the beginning of the academic year. The Tyumen’s Ochakovo Brewery and Soft-Drinks Factory became the next place where the regional leader stopped. Last time the governor visited the factory on the day when the first pile was driven in. Nowadays large-scale operations are carried out on the territory, tanks and boilers have been installed, the product storage room is ready, an office and two restaurants are being built. The contractors told the governor that all the works were performed as scheduled, equipment had been received in time, the activities of all services had been coordinated. Minor problems arose in connection with land-related formalities, but the governor promised to settle this issue in the forthcoming days.

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