1. The Dutch Offer Cooperation to Tyumen Businessmen in Oil Refining

The Dutch Offer Cooperation to Tyumen Businessmen in Oil Refining


Holland may become an advantageous partner for the Tyumen Region in the area of oil refining.

Today an official delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands headed by ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Jan-Paul Dirkse visited Antipinsky Oil Refinery. “Today the first-phase facilities of the refinery opened in this July begin to operate at full capacity and refine 500 thousand tons of oil per year,” General Director Gennady Lisovichenko told the Dutch guests. Crude oil is delivered from Shaim and Krasnoleninsk oilfields of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. Derivative products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, residual oil, are supplied to the markets of the Tyumen Region, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The construction of the second-phase facilities will begin in January 2007 and in April-May 2008 Antipinsky Oil Refinery will be able to refine 2.5 million tons of oil per year.

As was noted by Ambassador Jan-Paul Dirkse at the meeting, the Tyumen Region is a great area and the Kingdom of the Netherlands is interested in having such an efficient partner. There are prospects of cooperation in agriculture, especially considering the fact that in the near future the Tyumen Region intends to swell the pedigree cattle number several times. Two businessmen of the Dutch delegation have been working with many Tyumen cattle breeders for a long time. However, in addition to agriculture the Dutch delegation would like develop cooperation in the area of oil refining, as well.

The guests asked many questions about investments, sales markets, and transportation of derivative products, special attention was paid to environmentally friendly production. The economic adviser to the Ambassador, Ms Gerdalis Van Diggilen, said that the Kingdom of the Netherlands was ready to supply equipment for the construction of the refinery’s second phase and render consulting assistance on management, marketing, etc. She also informed the refinery’s executives that two Dutch banks operating in Moscow could provide their services.

“Though I am a bureaucrat whose hands used to hold a pen only, I would be eager to see the production process.” said Jan-Paul Dirkse. The General Director of the refinery organized a minor excursion around the enterprise, he said that the most advanced American equipment was installed there, all processes were fully automated, computers allowed to exercise effective control over the quality of production. The guests supposed that probably it was difficult for the refinery top management to find qualified specialists.

It really was, Gennady Lisovichenko agreed, the enterprise encountered personnel problems since only extracting but not refining companies were operating in the region. But, nevertheless, all the staffers were found in Tyumen. He has also showed the laboratory which draws samples of water and air each hour and controls the quality of oil products.

Oksana Pavuk, Vsluh.ru Internet Newspaper

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