1. Gennady Lisovichenko: The basis for security is created in design solutions

Gennady Lisovichenko: The basis for security is created in design solutions


Being a new and up-to-date enterprise Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC goes on developing rapidly. General Director of the refinery Gennady LISOVICHENKO speaks about continued modernization of the enterprise, industrial security policy, cooperation with Rostekhnadzor authorities.

- Gennady Alekseyevich, what are priority tasks of the short-term development of the enterprise headed by you?

- Nowadays the third work flow phase is being built at the enterprise and after commissioning it will result in improvement of the enterprise’s refining capacity up to 7.5 million tons p.a. (2013), the output of Euro-5 quality oil products (2014), as well as in achievement of 94% maximum oil processing depth (2015).

ELOU-AT-3 unit with the rated capacity of 3.7 million tons of oil products p.a. will be commissioned at the first stage (the IVth quarter of 2013), which circumstance will contribute to the growth of the entire refinery’s capacity up to the said level. Several off-site facilities, namely, the tank farm for commercial diesel fuel with the volume of 80 thousand tons, the tank farm for crude oil with the volume of 60 thousand tons, and treatment facilities, will be commissioned simultaneously with the unit.

For the purpose of improving the diesel fuel quality as required by Euro-5 standard (with sulfur content not exceeding 10 ppm) and for the purpose of ensuring the necessary freezing temperature making it possible to produce winter and arctic diesel fuel, the diesel fuel hydrotreaing unit of amine gas treatment will be constructed at the second stage (Danish company Haldor Topsoe is the licenser of the process and the developer of the basic project). To guarantee the hydrotreaing unit operation, hydrogen and elemental sulfur production units with the granulation block will be constructed. To be completed in the IVth quarter of 2014.

The tasks of the third stage (the IVth quarter of 2015) is to provide for increasing the oil processing depth up to 94% by commissioning a combined deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel-oil vacuum distillation block. American company Foster Wheeler is the licenser of the process and the developer of the basic project. The final product, coke, is in great demand with metallurgy.

In 2016 it is planned to transfer to the production of Euro-5 high-octane gasoline with the octane number of no lower than 95 points under research method due to commissioning of the gasoline reforming unit with the catalyst permanent regeneration and isomerization block. UOP is the licenser of the processes.

In 2017-2018 it is planned to build and commission the vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit, and the refinery’s own vacuum gasoil from the deferred carbonization unit and the vacuum block will be used as the raw material for it. In addition to that the second hydrogen production unit will be built.

- What is being done at the enterprise for providing industrial security?

- The basis for future safe operation of the enterprise is laid in design solutions. That is why we select engineering companies in a very careful way. We consider their experience in designing similar facilities, analyze the history of the application of implemented design solutions. When the refinery’s professionals draw up terms of reference for the engineering company, they include therein not only obligatory, but also more strict requirements, taking into account the world’s experience in oil refining, as well. The second “stage” of providing industrial security constituting a detailed examination of adopted design solutions is completed even before state expertise is carried out. During these time periods regular consultations are provided by professionals of specialized departments of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision).

And finally, key industrial-security actions are taken, when operating hazardous industrial facilities. In this case it is not required to “reinvent the wheel,” it is quite sufficient to strictly comply with the law on industrial security and with regulatory documents.

One of the latest achievements of Industrial Security and Labor Protection Department is the implementation of the program system enabling our company’s professionals to independently study the industrial security requirements, prepare themselves for assessment procedures and carry out such procedures in the assessment commission on computer.

Generally the work on providing industrial security at our enterprise is based on the following principles: competence, scrupulosity, control, solidarity, non-concealment, preparedness to emergencies.

Competence: The majority of workers engaged in the core production are employees with higher education, and we carry out personnel recruitment all over the country – from the Republic of Belarus to Khabarovsk. Scrupulosity: The phrase “all rules are written with blood” is popular with us. Only full compliance with all regulations in the area of industrial security reduces emergency risks to the maximum extent. Control: Adoption of all decisions and their subsequent implementation, compliance with established procedures – all this passes through the well-adjusted industrial control system. Solidarity: All the company’s employees, from the general director to the fourth-class operator, are engaged in the provision of industrial security. Non-concealment: Any incidents, even the most insignificant, are investigated at the enterprise, the reasons thereof are analyzed, measures are taken for preventing them in future. Preparedness to emergencies: The risk of emergencies at a hazardous industrial facility exists permanently. Special plans on liquidation thereof have been drawn up, an extraordinary emergency-and-rescue formation has been created, all required reserves are available.

The result of the practical implementation of these principles is the fact that no emergency situations have taken place during the entire period beginning from the refinery’s commissioning in 2006, and only six insignificant accidents occurred.

- How successfully are relations between the enterprise and Rostekhnadzor with its territorial North-Ural Directorate developing?

- It should be noted that Rostekhnadzor is constantly working at reduction of administrative barriers, when exercising its permitting and supervisory functions. The number of required documents on paper has considerably dwindled due to the electronic document flow streamlined by Rostekhnadzor, in particular.

The “one window” principle is applied in the North-Urals Directorate implying that they can accept documents and provide consultations at one and the same place without directing people to other offices.

It is common knowledge that one of the main problems in the activity of Rostekhnadzor is its enlarged and in many respects obsolete and discrepant regulatory base. In this regard it is worth of noting that the professionals of the North-Ural Directorate always try to give exhaustive answers to all our questions, and in case of complicated matters the employees of the central office of Rostekhnadzor help. Web sites of Rostekhnadzor and its North-Ural Directorate are of much use for work.

In connection with enhancement of administrative responsibility of organizations operating at fire and explosion hazardous facilities for violating industrial security rules the importance of the level of technical and legal literacy of Rostekhnadzor professionals has significantly increased due to the growing volume of rights granted to state inspectors and implementation of regular supervision at some facilities of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. And the employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery note that this level meets the highest requirements.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the North-Ural Directorate of Rostekhnadzor on its professional holiday, the Day of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, and on the coming New Year on behalf of the all employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery! We wish you reduction of accident rates.

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