Additional Obligations. Voluntarily.

Today few commercial organizations provide their employees with proper social benefits, meanwhile candidates for vacancies prefer those firms which assume additional social obligations.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is a young and developing enterprise. It employs more than one thousand people 60% of whom are professionals with higher education. It is supposed that in the coming three years the number of employees will double since e refinery will need new human resources after commissioning of new facilities.
To improve the level of social protection for employees creating more favorable working conditions for them is the top priority objective set by the management board of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. That is why already in 2007 the first collective agreement was made. It provides for the basic social guarantees of workers, the rights and obligations of both, the management board and the labor team.
Owing to this document the employees may count on financial assistance in case of childbirth, marriage, personal jubilee celebration, professional holidays, and on some other occasions. Additional paid days off plus to the norm provided by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation have been allowed, they are offered, for instance, on the Knowledge Day for parents whose children go to junior school.
The refinery workers undergo additional professional training and acquire new knowledge on account of the enterprise. In 2013 an academic class was formed for this purpose which fact made it possible to begin training of professional workers in three categories: chemical water treatment operator, treatment facilities operator, and chemical analysis laboratory assistant.
Complex industrial production requires a special approach to medical service for personnel, that is why compulsory and occasional medical checkups are conducted, and, if needed, the refinery’s employees are consulted by dedicated medical experts and undergo treatment at one of medical organizations. All that on account of the enterprise. The refinery’s health point is equipped with up-to-date technology and its specialists provide for prophylaxis and prevention of diseases connected with harmful and hazardous working environment.
Lunches at the enterprise’s canteen are subsidized, workers eat hot meals at below-market prices. The refinery’s employees save money on getting to work and home – corporate buses run along six routes.
Though the draft law on compulsory indexation by employers of salaries is still being considered in the State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation the management board of the refinery has taken a decision to introduce the annual indexation of salaries.
For the purpose of solving the issues of organization, labor safety, remuneration, financial and non-financial motivation, and protection of legitimate interests of employees a labor collective council has been established at the initiative of the refinery’s personnel. It should be noted that such structures are rarely formed inside business companies in Tyumen.
Commissions on labor dispute solution, labor protection, sports and cultural events are functioning under the auspices of the labor collective council. This fact contributes to the organization of both, labor and leisure activity. Owing to the labor collective council the company managed to choose the most comfortable and advanced special clothes and individual protection means.

Members of the labor collective council participate in the organization and holding of corporate events related with professional and public holidays, the refinery’s anniversaries. They arrange for corporate trips down to the country to picturesque places and recreation centers, hold sports events contributing in this way to make one advocate a healthy lifestyle. To this effect the management board of Antipinsky Oil Refinery made agreements with various sports organizations. The refinery’s employees willingly attend sports classes and participate in competitions. It enables them to prepare for the annual Spartakiada (Sports Festival) among departments.
In addition to corporate competitions the refinery’s employees take part in the regional Spartakiada (Sports Festival) among working teams, as well as in other tournaments, taking the second place in the tournament dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Sberbank (2011), the third place in the healthy lifestyle festival among the enterprises of the Leninsky and Vostochny Administrative Districts of Tyumen (2012), the fourth place in the regional championship (2013) became some of the most remarkable victories. In 2012 Antipinsky Oil Refinery was ranked fifth in the municipal public contest in the category “The Best Organization of Corporate Health-and-Fitness, as well as Popular Sports Activities”, which fact is of great honor. The refinery is also proud of the third place won by its football team in the open sports festival of enterprises and organizations of Tyumen held within the framework of the target program “Physical Training and Sports Development for 2012-2017.”
Antipinsky Oil Refinery which is one of the largest enterprises of the region is steadily ranked second among the 10 best taxpayers of the Tyumen Region. This circumstance makes it possible to carry out socially responsible business activity. Over the time of its existence the enterprise has developed its own charity-related policy. It isn’t pursued through charitable organizations and foundations. Priority attention is paid to providing support to specific orphanages, boarding schools, clubs, cultural institutions, the Tyumen Regional Organization of the Russian National Society of the Disabled. Friendly relations are maintained between the refinery and Orphanage No. 66. This summer 32 foster-children of this orphanage spent their holidays in the camp near Lake Baikal and in the health resort at the Black Sea Coast. The enterprise spent over 1.8 million rubles for this purpose. Other 200 thousand rubles have been allocated to Orphanage No. 66 for purchasing school uniform for pupils.
Antipinsky Oil Refinery renders assistance to the club of sports veterans and disabled, the judo club, it has participated in the construction of the memorial to the soldiers of the Penza Region perished during hostilities in Afghanistan. In 2013 it organized a trip for mothers whose sons went missing in the course of hostilities in the Chechen Republic. The women took part in the Remembrance Day of Unidentified Solders perished in the Chechen Republic and buried at Bogorodskoe Cemetery in the Moscow Region.
Financial aid is provided to spiritual organizations, disabled children, to one of whom more that 600 thousand rubles are allocated for the purpose of buying prostheses. The enterprise has made its contribution to the holding of the Robinzonada Tourist Forum for the disabled people, too. The structure of rendering assistance to employees, their professional growth, organization of leisure activities and charity developed over seven years of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s existence is constantly upgrading. In spite of such difficulties interests of the refinery’s employees are of top priority for the management board.
The refinery spent over 1.8 million rubles for summer holidays of orphans.

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