1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Achieves Production Volumes Record-High for a Private Enterprise

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Achieves Production Volumes Record-High for a Private Enterprise

Seven years have passed since the day when Antipinsky Oil Refinery was founded. Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Mazurov visited the enterprise. One more guest who came there, however, for no business purposes, was singer Grigory Leps. His visit to the refinery became his first acquaintance with the oil industry.
Few celebrities who came to our city saw Tyumen like this. Singer Grigory Leps has been staying in Tyumen for only 3 days. His visit to Antipinsky Oil Refinery is planned in his schedule during the interval between concerts and rehearsals. Not officially, but out of personal interest. The refinery’s executives are his friends for a long time. Leps couldn’t miss an opportunity to see it himself how the “black gold” generates oil products.
“It was interesting for me in several aspects. To see how it works, just to have an idea of it. Since everybody knows what oil is, but nobody knows how it works. Generally speaking, I walked across the territory a little bit, came to the operator’s room, saw the computers functioning, the people working. Control is rather simple, now I have at least some idea about it,” a popular singer says. Grigory came to an unequivocal opinion: the enterprise is one of the most effective in Russia. It is clearly seen when looking at its workers, equipment, and even its well landscaped territory

Over about 7 years of its existence the refinery has achieved production volumes which are record-high for a private enterprise – 3 million tons of oil p.a. The refinery’s development plans provide not only for its capacity enhancement, but also for the ongoing work at product quality improvement.
It is difficult to imagine that even 9 years ago there was a vast empty field instead of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. However, 2 years later the first phase of the refinery was commissioned. All the Tyumen Region was watching the commissioning of the 2nd phase in a live television broadcast in 2010. Now the refinery is expecting completion of its third phase construction. It will transfer the refinery to new capacity – 7.5 million tons of oil p.a. This indicator is hoped to achieve already by the next year. However, the comprehensive plan of the refinery development is drawn up for the coming 9 years.
“ We will be the only private independent oil refining enterprise in Russia. That is, our ambitious plan implies that there will be no other private serious oil refinery as ours in the country,” says Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC Dmitry Mazurov.
Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC has already become the one and only. No enterprise of similar capacity has been commissioned on Russian territory over the past 30 years. And taken into account the fact that oil products are still delivered to our area from other regions the development in Tyumen of its own refinery is absolutely logical.

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