1. In January-February Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increased Oil Refining Volume by 1.3 times

In January-February Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increased Oil Refining Volume by 1.3 times


Tyumen. March 5. INTERFAX. In January and February of the year 2013 Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC refined 602.266 thousand tons of oil, i.e. 1.3 times as much as compared to the similar period of the year 2012, the enterprise’s officials told Interfax.

Over the period under review the Refinery produced 103.533 thousand tones of directly distilled gasoline (growth by 18.5%), 2.198 thousand tons of diesel fuel (reduction by 24.6 times), 280.933 thousand tons of dark oil products (growth by 37.3%).

In addition to that the enterprise produced 106,360 thousand tons of motor low-sulfur fuel (growth by 2.4 times) and 101.166 thousand tons of heating household fuel (growth by 1.5 times). No low-viscosity marine bunker fuel was produced at the enterprise in January and February.

It was reported earlier that from 2013 the enterprise would be able to refine up to 4.2 million tons of oil per year due to putting into operation of ELOU-AT-1 and modernized ELOU-AT-2 units at permitted maximum technical potential of both units making up 4.28 million tons of refined oil p.a.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC was set up in June, 2004 for the purpose of implementation of the oil-refinery construction project. The first industrial complex of the enterprise with the refining capacity up to 400 thousand tons of oil p.a. was commissioned in 2006. For the first time the refinery was extended in 2006-2007, in May, 2010 the second work-flow phase of the enterprise with the capacity of 3.5 million tons of oil products per year was commissioned.

The enterprise produces technological fuel oil, bunker fuel, directly distilled gasoline, and diesel fuel in compliance with Euro-2 standards. The processing depth makes up 60%.

The main buyers of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s products are Glencore International AG and Arkham S.A., the company of Vitol Group.

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