1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increases its Annual Output Up to 5 Million Tons

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Increases its Annual Output Up to 5 Million Tons


“Antipinsky Oil Refinery is being constructed using the advanced equipment and technologies that meet the international quality standards to ensure the stable production and quality of the products”, said Gennady Lisovichenko, General Director of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery at the meeting with the representatives of the business community and general public “Development of the social and economic strategy of Tyumen up to 2020 pursuant to the list of the tasks set by the Head of the State” held in Tyumen yesterday.

“The Oil Refinery development strategy provides for the increase of the annual output up to 5 million tons of oil, production of clean fuels of high quality (Euro 5), deeper oil refining in order to increase utilization of crude oil products and to reduce the production of fuel-oil residue as a less cost-efficient refining product, use of the advanced ecofriendly, energy-saving, technically sustainable and safe technologies, increase of the level of process automation, use of the advanced distributed microprocessor control systems, and increase of the production process sensitiveness to the market situation (the product range adaptability), as well as focus on production of diesel fuels as a principal motor fuel”, specified Gennady Lisovichenko.

“In order to implement our strategies, we plan to construct several processing units: 2-2.5 million t/y distillation, catalytic reforming, isomerization, diesel fuel hydrogen refining, vacuum distillation, vacuum gas oil hydrocracking, delayed coking, hydrogen, sulfur and amine gas treatment units”, added Gennady Lisovichenko.

The oil refinery construction project will include five start-up complexes. Currently, the second start-up complex is being implemented to increase the annual refinery capacity up to 3.5 million tons. This complex includes construction of the 2-2.5 million t/y distillation unit, reconstruction of the existing Petrofac ELOU-AT-1 (oil-desalting and dewatering) plant, expansion of the refining treatment facilities, chemical analytical laboratory, construction of the water heating boiler house and expansion of the existing steam boiler house, 107 m3 crude storage and oil-loading rack.

The contractors for the second start-up complex are local manufacturing and construction and erection companies: CF Tyumenpromstroy, Neftemash, CF Tyumenenergomontazh, Neftechimmontazh, TD Tyumen Pribor, Energospetsmontazh and others.

“The design works on the third start-up complex have been launched. It is expected to invest about 12 billion rubles”, said the General Director of the Oil Refinery. The program of works is developed for years. In the course of time, Antipinsky Oil Refinery will satisfy the diesel fuel demands of the southern localities of Tyumen region. The major portion of gasoil and acid residue will be supplied to the petroleum petrochemical and rubberoid producing plants in the neighborhood regions of Ural Federal District, which would improve the economic integration and support the development of the related sectors. The implementation of the Oil Refinery programs will strengthen and increase the natural advantages of Russia with regard to the deeper processing of its natural resources and rational utilization of feedstock. We believe our company will become one of the leaders on the Russian oil refining market by 2020”.

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