1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery in Tyumen Region Significantly Scales Up its Production

Antipinsky Oil Refinery in Tyumen Region Significantly Scales Up its Production


The modernization of Antipinsky Oil Refinery is nearing completion and, as we know now, since the beginning of the next year Antipinsky Oil Refinery could sharply increase its production capacity. The infrastructure and customers are looking forward to such changes.

In point of fact, Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the only profile facility in the largest oil producing territory in Russia. Currently, the Oil Refinery is ready to increase supplies to the agricultural producers. The prices are not high yet and the companies can purchase the refinery products for the spring campaign and winter crops sowing. According to the company, additional rail tracts have been already put into service to increase the oil refinery throughput capacity.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery works closely with the local agricultural producing companies and the Tymen Regional Agroindustrial Department on supplying diesel oil to the local agricultural producers. Currently, a retail network is being formed. We became aware that the company plans to increase fuel supplies upon commissioning of the second stage of construction when its production capacities will increase up to 2.5 million tons which is comparable to the largest Russian oil refineries. Currently, 80 oil cars with the refinery products are shipped from Antipinsky Oil Refinery daily, but soon this figure will increase by 110 oil cars at once. The quality of the products is expected to be preserved. The third stage of modernization is expected to take place soon.

For your information: Antipinsky Oil Refinery is located in the industrial area of Tyumen in the south-east, near the settlement of Antipino. Before the construction of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the region had to import oil products (about 1.2 million tons) from other regions, in particular, from Omsk Oil Refinery (550 km far from Tyumen) and Ufa Oil Refinery (800 km far from Tyumen), and Permnefteorgsintez (600 km far from Tyumen). In September 2006, Antipinsky Oil Refinery was put into operation and its current annual capacity makes 500–800 thousand tons of oil. In the course of time, Antipinsky Oil Refinery will satisfy the diesel fuel demands of the southern localities of Tyumen region. The major portion of gasoil and acid residue will be supplied to the petroleum petrochemical and rubberoid producing plants in the neighborhood regions of Ural Federal District. Before the asphalt plant is put into operation, the company is ready, apart from Tyumen region, to supply fuel-oil residue to Kazakhstan, Kirghizia and China — companies from these regions have already expressed interest in such supplies.

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