1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery: Solution of Most Important Problem

Antipinsky Oil Refinery: Solution of Most Important Problem


Against the background of economic development in Russia, industrial growth, exploitation of new mineral deposits, production and processing of hydrocarbons the environmental problems become more and more acute. The companies, whose activity is connected with human impact on nature, have already realized the need to enhance environmental liability. Implementation of innovative solutions on environmental protection and industrial security was planned already at the design stage at Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the most up-to-date oil refining enterprise in the Tyumen Region.

Specialists as Safeguard of the Nature
Every year Antipinsky Oil Refinery carries out a broad range of activities aimed at environmental preservation and ecological balance. The refinery’s industrial operation process is planned and conducted in such a way, so that environmental risks and impacts on nature won’t even grow, but gradually reduce instead. For the purpose of determining the volume of pollutant emissions and control over it the enterprise regularly fulfills industrial, visual, and quantitative monitoring of the environment.

Noise, vibration, pollutant emissions into the atmosphere near organized stationary sources and at the boundary of a sanitary protection zone, discharge of purified waste waters into the system of municipal treatment facilities – all that is under thorough supervision of the refinery’s modern accredited chemical and analytical laboratory and special ecology department. Qualified employees reveal and prevent violations of environmental laws, plan activities to be carried out in the field of nature protection, and exercise control over the fulfillment thereof, conduct visual environmental monitoring.

THE FACT. Every year the environmental protection department of Antipinsky Oil Refinery develops plans of nature-protection measures for providing ecological security and reducing negative impact on the environment.

The management team of the enterprise analyzes all information obtained with regard to environmental condition and subsequently uses it for the drawing up of the annual plan of measures to be taken in the field of environmental and industrial activity.

Alliance of Nature and Business

The most important, fundamental managerial decisions related to the development of strategy of providing for ecological security were taken already at the stage of design and construction of the oil refinery. Thus, in the course of construction and further exploitation of the second phase the special attention was paid to the reduction of negative impact on the environment both on the territory of the enterprise and at the boundary with residential development.

The entire system of technological solutions, owing to which the refinery inflicts no damage to nature, has been developed and implemented for the purpose of stable reduction of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere.

Today a sealed system is used at Antipinsky Oil Refinery in the entire production chain. Control, computerization, and telemetry of technological processes prevent emergency situations and minimize discharges of hazardous substances in the atmosphere due to strict compliance with required technological parameters.

The enterprise manages to reduce impact on the environment by means of fitting tanks and loading racks intended for oil and light-oil products with a gas-equalizing system. The temperature is maintained as low as possible in finished-product storage, what reduces evaporation of oil products. Process furnaces disperse combustion products with pipes of sufficient height, reducing thereby negative impact on the environment.

A water drainage system is implemented at the enterprise which prevents waste water discharge to surface waters. Concrete platforms for processing equipment are fitted with border guard rails and ladders, and wells have shutters and hydraulic locks.

All vessels operating under pressure are equipped with safety valves making it possible to avoid high pressure in the system. Organized drainage schemes and land runoff purification methods are applied at existing blocked treatment facilities produced by Petrofac company. Purified industrial sewage and steam condensate are used repeatedly.

For the purposes of preventing accidental sewage discharge all pipelines are safely sealed, laid as deep as about four meters below ground, and covered with corrosion-resistant coating.

Practical implementation of all these solutions reduces eventual environmental damage to a minimum.

From industrial sewage to potable water
The most up-to-date sewage treatment facilities which are being built now are a special pride of Antipinsky Oil Refinery and the salvage of nature, they make it possible to purify technical, storm, service and household waste waters of both currently operating facilities and processing units under construction to the extent required by Russian regulations, to use them repeatedly in the technological process, or to discharge them to a fishery water body.

Wastewater treatment process will consist of four main stages. Sewage pretreatment block will provide for protecting the main facilities from coarse litter, volley and accidental pollutant discharges, as well as for regulating of untreated waste waters flowing into main sewage treatment facilities. The physical-chemical wastewater treatment block equipped with separation and impeller flotation assemblies made by the Company Separation Specialists is intended for clarified waste waters coming out of the sewage pretreatment block from suspended substances to oil products.

The special attention should be paid to the third block, namely, the biological wastewater treatment block with the membrane bioreactor of GE Water and Process Technologies. Antipinsky Oil Refinery has refused to apply traditional technology using primary and secondary active sludge sedimentation tanks and has given preference to the membrane bioreactor technology for a number of reasons. It allows fulfilling of biological treatment more efficiently, removing suspended and colloid substances; it carries out biological destruction of organic compounds using active sludge. Besides, significantly smaller territory is required for installation of treatment facilities. The total area of treatment facilities at Antipinsky Oil Refinery will make up 10.73 hectares.

THE FACT. For the purpose of improving the ecological security level of the enterprise the management team of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC communicates with the government of the Tyumen Region, the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) for the Tyumen Region, Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service (Rospotrebnadzor) for the Tyumen Region, as well as with the ecology committee of the Tyumen Administration.

The sewage treatment process will be finalized in the deep wastewater post-treatment and disinfection block which performs filtration using sorption carbon filters with subsequent UV disinfection of waste waters as required by Sanitary Rules and Standards (SanPin) in section “Hygienic Regulations for Surface Water Protection.”

Safe Growth
In 2013 Antipinsky Oil Refinery is going to enter the next stage of its development and achieve the oil refining volume of 7.5 million tons p.a. For the avoidance of negative impact on the environment necessary amendments have been introduced into the plan of environmental-protection measures for the current year, laboratory research of atmospheric air have been carried out with regard to compliance with regulations for maximum permissible pollutant emission nearby industrial discharge sources and at the boundary of a sanitary protection zone.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery will continue to maintain the reputation of one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises of the oil industry.

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