1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Launches Production of Euro-5 Compliant Diesel Fuel

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Launches Production of Euro-5 Compliant Diesel Fuel

Yesterday, on December 8, 2015, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery located in the Tyumen Region commissioned its diesel fuel hydrotreating unit enabling the refinery to start the production of Euro-5 highest quality diesel fuel within a short period of time. To achieve this goal, new hydrogen, gas purification and granulated elemental sulfur production facilities were build on the refinery premises. As Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, emphasized, “A high-tech production facility has been launched: this is not primary refining any more, we have moved to secondary oil refining using chemical processes. Thus, the refinery’s capacity has reached 9 MTPA. It puts the Antipinsky Oil Refinery on a par with the majority of the country’s large oil refineries.” As for future plans, Dmitry Mazurov says that in the coming year the company is planning to commission a deep oil refining complex enabling it to get rid of such by-product as fuel oil. Thus, the refinery will achieve the highest in the industry oil refining depth – up to 97 percent. At the same time, diesel fuel output will increase up to 50% of the total throughput. The production of Euro-5 compliant gasoline with octane ratings of 92 and 95 points is scheduled to start at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017 and will be implemented as part of the commissioning of Workflow Phase III g. Incidentally, Dmirty Mazurov, sharing the refinery’s future, promised that the prices of such gasoline for residents of the Tyumen Region will be lower than those in the central part of Russia.

Speaking at the diesel fuel hydrotreating complex opening ceremony, Vladimir Yakushev, the Tyumen Region Governor, emphasized that the Antipinsky Oil Refinery development project is one of the key projects in the region. Indeed, the implementation of such an ambitious project will enable the creation of one thousand high-tech jobs in the Tyumen Region. Moreover, the refinery addresses the tasks set by the RF President Vladimir Putin: imports phase-out and transition to Euro-5 standards.
It should be noted that the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is a unique enterprise in Russia being the first private greenfield oil refinery built in the country in the last 30 years. To remind our readers, the construction of the refinery started in the now distant 2005. Over the past 11 years, more than 2.7 bn US dollars was invested in the project. Investments in the third stage of the project amounted to over 72 bn rubles. This year, 390 new jobs were created at the refinery with the majority of new employees coming from the Tyumen Region.

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