1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Confirms Its Plan To Commission Third Phase In 2015.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Confirms Its Plan To Commission Third Phase In 2015.


Antipinsky Oil Refinery confirms its plan to commission the third phase in 2015, Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev told those present at the press conference in Moscow.

“Investors said it would be in 2015,” he stated answering the question about the time of the refinery’s third phase commissioning.

Yakushev has also noted that overall investments in the Oil Refinery are estimated at 143 billion rubles. In this regard he pointed out that investors have no problems with the project financing, funds are borrowed in major banks. “They plan to carry the third phase to its logical completion. Their financial potentials make it possible for them so far," he said. This information is provided by RIA Novosti.

Yakushev mentioned that Antipinsky Oil Refinery was the first refinery on the territory of the former USSR which had been built from scratch using new up-to-date technologies. It is situated in the area of the regional center. However, according to all expert reports it complies with required ecological standards, the governor added.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC is a rapidly developing medium-sized enterprise engaged in crude oil refining in the Tyumen Region.

The first industrial complex of Antipinsky Oil Refinery with the refining capacity of 400 thousand tons of oil per year was built and commissioned in 2006. The first extension of the enterprise (the 1st Phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery) took place in the period of 2006-2007 in order to swell the production capacity. The second phase of the refinery was put into operation in May 2010.

The total amount of capital investment for Phase 3 in 2011-2015 is estimated at USD 1.7-1.8 billion.

First, it is situated near an oil stream. Second, transport component impacts the cost of fuel significantly. Let us say, Antipinsky Oil Refinery doesn’t need to use railway transport for the delivery of its products to the south of the Tyumen Region, so the fuel price is formed without any transport component.

As of today the company processes crude oil into technological fuel oil, bunker fuel, directly distilled gasoline, and diesel fuel in compliance with both, GOST Russian national standard and EURO-2. The processing depth amounts to 60%.

The main buyers of the products manufactured by Antipinsky Oil Refinery are Glencore International AG and Arkham S.A., member of the Vitol company group.

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