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Eco-Analytical Laboratory

The Eco-Analytical Laboratory (the EAL) was established on May 1, 2013 and forms a part of the Central Laboratory as a result of reorganization of the chemical analytical laboratory of Antipinsky Refinery.

Currently, the functions of the Eco-Analytical Laboratory include:

  • analysis of the natural (underground and surface) water (as part of the process control for the purpose of environmental protection);
  • analysis of drinking water (as part of the process control for the purpose of compliance with the sanitary standards for potable water);
  • analysis of all types of refinery process water for the purpose of on-line testing and control of the processes, as well as for ensuring the safe operation of the equipment and facilities;
  • analysis of waste water and treated waste water (including biochemical technique) at all stages of treatment;
  • analysis of gas-air environment at the refinery in order to ensure the occupational safety;
  • hydrobiological analysis of the activated sludge for the purpose of control of the quality of treatment and operation of the biological unit of the treatment facilities;
  • biotesting is used to test the toxicity of natural water, refinery water and treated effluent. The test-objects are Ceriodaphnia and Paramecium caudatum.

The analytical equipment and facilities of the laboraroty are able to resolve practically all tasks faced by the company in the field of water testing and identify measurable components with the wide range of concentrations.


The high professional level of the staff (97 %) is proved by the diplomas in work-related higher education; all staff are duly trained at the refinery (as needed) and improve their qualification at the leading educational and training centers of the Russian Federation.

The staff members of the Eco-Analytical Laboratory permanently improve their qualification in the advanced analytical methods and measurement techniques in order to comply with the ever-expanding needs of the Company.

The competency of the government-regulated Central Laboratory is proved by the accreditation certificate issued in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

The management of Antipinsky Refinery successfully manages the production tasks and creates conditions for open demonstration of the corporate environmental liability. Thus, in July 2014, Antipinsky Refinery opened the Ecological Reception Desk to inform the public about the ecological situation outside the oil refinery.