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Activities Results

The Year 2015

The motto of the year 2015 was Stability, Security and Sustainable Development. The year 2015 was marked by several important events in the operation the The Council of Employees of JSC Antipinsky Refinery.

Changes in the Council of Employees

New members were appointed to the Sports Affairs Committee and Cultural Affairs Committees because of the resignation of two members of the Council of Employees.

Besides, the chairman of the Occupational Safety & Labour Environment Committee of JSC Antipinsky Refinery was replaced.

General Operations

The Council of Employees carried on regular inspections of the working conditions in the organisational units of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery for the purpose of properly observation of the lawful rights and interests of the company employees.

Since 2015, the occupational safety officers appointed in each organisational unit have actively assisted in the inspections and the corrective measures.

In 2015, following the results of 12 inspections initiated by the Sanitation and Housekeeping Committee, 14 non-compliances were identified that was significantly better as compared to the year 2014, when 31 non-compliances were reported. Some of the non-compliances were removed; the remaining non-compliances will be removed after commissioning of new facilities.

Besides, 15 meetings of the Council with the representatives of the company staff and administration were held in 2015 and 18 - in 2014. The reduction of the number of matters of concern for the company staff proves that the Council of Employees successfully performed the tasks for the year 2015 (social issues, raising awareness, improvement of the connections between the employees and the management).

In 2015, in order to improve the operation of the site messes, the number of organisational units the employees of which may take their meals away was increased. Besides, the site mess schedule was improved and the control over the schedule compliance was tightened.

One of the most important improvements of the year 2015 is the introduction of several bus lines for the company employees for prompt and comfortable transfer in the territory of the oil refinery.

In 2015, taking into account numerous applications and requests, all of the oil refinery facilities became accessible for transport: some buses were purchased; other ones were taken on lease. A schedule convenient for all was made. The scheme was launched in November 2015.

A number of the employees applied to the Council of Employees to ask the administration to open a bus line from Malkovo and Chikcha to the oil refinery and back. The line was opened after determination of the necessity of the line, the number of the employees residing there and after making other necessary arrangements.

One of the 2015 applications is a request from the employees of the electrical department to replace the uncomfortable workwear. The main complaints were of the small pockets, length of jackets, absence of hoods and of the design. The Council of the Employees explained to the employees that the existing workwear was developed on the basis of the safety requirements – the material should have a certain density to protect the employee against the electric arc, and the pockets were specially designed small to prevent falling the pocket contents out when bending. Besides, the employees were offered a safe workwear of alternative design. Following the results of consideration of the above issue, a resolution was passed to take the employees’ remarks into account when offering the workwear for 2016.

The year 2015 demonstrated that the procedure of applying to the Council of Employees is well established and that the employees are aware of all procedures necessary for consideration of an application by the Council.

It should be noted that that, in 2015, 53 land lots of 9 to 12 hundred square metres in area each were offered by JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery to the company employees for uncompensated use. The land lots are located in village Malkovo (6 km far from the oil refinery on the Old Tobolsky Highway). All employees who had no disciplinary fines or exactments and had been employed with the company for more than one year could apply for the land lots. The lists were made by the Council of Employees. In addition to the sub-lease of the land lots as stated above, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery will assist its employees in the prompt electrification and gasification of the land lots in order to reduce relevant expenses to be incurred by the employees. Besides, the employees received comprehensive legal assistance: consultations, drafting sub-lease contracts, etc.

Throughout the year, the Council of Employees closely interacted with the Personnel Department with regard to the evaluation of performance of the employees to determine the amount of a bonus on the occasion of the professional red-day, selection of the best tutor, bonus for participation in the sports events, as well as approval of special benefits for the employees suffering difficulties.

Honourary Employees

In 2015, a special Motivation Committee was established to nominate the honorary employees.

Following the results of discussions, 20 employees who proved their loyalty to the company by their hard work and initiative and became an example to other employees were included in the list of honourary employees. Their images were posted in the Hall of Fame on the company Birthday.

Besides, the awarding lists were prepared and approved by the Council of Employees, and by the regional and municipal authorities: 3 employees received a Letter of Thanks from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, 5 employees received a Letter of Thanks from the Chairman of the Tyumen City Council, 1 employee received a Letter of Award from the Tyumen City Council, 3 employees received a Letter of Thanks from the Governor of the Tyumen Region, 6 employees received a Letter of Thanks from the Tyumen City Council, and 12 employees received a Letter of Thanks from the Administration of the city of Tyumen.

Besides, 14 employees received a Letter of Thanks signed by the General Director of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery at the suggestion of the Board of Directors, 11 employees received a Letter of Award signed by the General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC at the suggestion of the Board of Directors, and 12 employees received a Letter of Award signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

6 employees were given a title of the Honourary Tutor of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

Sports Events

During the year, the Sports Affair Committee prepared and arranged different sports events with the participation of the employees of different organisational units: mini-football, air gun rifle shooting, darts and skiing race. Besides, the company teams successfully represented the company at different city competitions: football, volleyball and hockey.

In 2015, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery took part in the GTO (Ready for Labour and Defence) competitions as part of the IX Olympics of the labour collectives of Tyumen Region. The team of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery consisted of 8 members who had success: 2 team members were awarded golden badges, 1 team member – silver one and 4 team members – bronze one. The Council of Employees prepared a database of the employees of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery who had titles and awards in any of the sports. The purpose was to form effective teams in different sports for participation in the sports events of different levels.

Following the results of the questioning made by the Sports Affair Committee, 38 employees were included in the database, including: 1 master of sports; 11 candidate of sports; 17 employees with the 1st category, 10 employees with the 2nd category, 1 employee with the 3rd category and another 1 employee – with the 2nd junior category, most of all, in skiing race, artistic gymnastics and volleyball. The said database will allow increasing the number of sports events in which JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery may participate and may demonstrate good results or win.

One of the important and promising events of the year 2015 was purchase by the company of the sports centre which would be opened in 2016. In connection with the above purchase, the Sports Affair Committee prepares a schedule of visiting and operation of the sports centre. 316 employees said that they would visit it.

The Council of Employees formed the 2016 budget for the Cultural and Sports Events. The budget the funds for competitions in volleyball, football, table tennis, skiing race, darts and shooting; renewal of the outfit for the company football and volleyball teams, as well as purchase of chessboards and chess-clocks. The aggregate budget for sports and cultural events was increased by 187% by the year 2015.

Contests and Festive Events

In 2015, the Council of Employees held a number of contests on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War: a children’s composition contest “The History of the Great Patriotic War in the History of My Family”, a drawing contest “The Victory Day”, etc. 

Besides, a familiarization oil refinery tour “Where my parents are employed” was arranged for the children of the company employees. The children visited the second “home” of their parents.

In 2015, a new contest form – a family & field contest - was introduced. The company employees made snowmen with their relatives. Over 150 applications for participation in the contest were submitted. This has been a record for the time being of our contests.

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The year 2014 became remarkable for all employees of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and, in particular, for the Council of Employees. The Chairman of the Council, Alexander Gunbin, reported on the 2014 performance.

The 2014 important event was reappointment of the Council of Employees and increase of the number of the Council members from 9 to 21 because of the increase of the company staff and formation of new organisational units. Two thirds of the former members of the Council of Employees were reappointed as members of the new Council. This proves high appreciation of the efforts of both the previous and current representatives of the Council of Employees and continuation of the constructive and fruitful cooperation between the representative body of the employees and the company administration as established by the previous members of the Council.

The number of committees of the Council of Employees was increased to four ones, namely: Occupational Safety & Labour Environment Committee, Labour Management Committee, Sports Affairs Committee and Cultural Affairs Committee.

The committees were engaged in the organisation of both labour and leisure activities of the company employees. The Council of Employees took part in the preparation and conducting of all corporate events, including sports and cultural ones.

Since January 2014, the Council of Employees has been systematically consolidating the proposals made by the employees at the meetings with the staff. The redrafted version of the Collective Agreement, including the Compensation and Stimulating Remuneration Regulation, was approved on May 25, 2014. This version includes the employees’ proposals on improvement of social protection. The stimulating, social and compensatory payments were increased, as well.

The Council of Employees actively participated in the consideration and approval of the candidatures of awardees. 70 applications for awarding and bonus payment to the company employees for the festive events were prepared by the Board during the year and referred for approval by the administration; 43 of the above 70 applications were made on behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC. 23 employees who took active part in the construction and start-up and commission were awarded on the occasion of the commissioning of new production facilities.

The candidatures for the Hall of Fame were considered by the Motivation Committee within fifteen days. 20 employees were chosen for honourable rewarding upon thorough consideration of all applications. The updated Honourable Board was opened by the Corporate Birthday.

19 meetings of the Council of Employees were held during 2014. The Board considered and approved the Occupational Safety Regulations and Instructions as well as many other documents.

9 inspections of the compliance with the safety regulations were performed in the organisational units, with 31 non-compliances reported following the results of such inspections. All non-compliances were acknowledged by the heads of the organisational units and included in the plan of corrective actions.

18 meetings with the staff were held at which the issues and proposals of concern for the company employees were discussed. At those meetings, the employees actively discussed the occupational environment and social guarantees provided by the company.

The result of the meetings was the resolution on organisation of fix price meals at the distant facilities in order to reduce the site mess traffic. The transfer problems were discussed, as well. As a result, the existing back-to-back routes were optimised and the new ones were introduced.

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Fifteen meetings were held upon the results of which proposals to the refinery’ administration were collected and considered with regard to introducing amendments and addenda to the collective agreement to be signed in May 2014. Two proposals, seven labor-protection instructions, as well as tens of other documents referred to the competence of the Board were considered and agreed.

More than twenty meetings were held between administrative representatives and teams of the refinery units within the framework of which about thirty issues related to the topic of social and labor relations between workers and administration were discussed. 80% of problems giving rise to personnel concern have been solved.

The procedure of assessing 97 newly established staff workplaces was carried out jointly with representatives of the Labor Collective Council of the refiner.

Six oral and written addresses of the refinery’s employees to the Labor Collective Council on the issues giving rise to personnel concern have been considered, consultations have been conducted and explanations have been given. Letters to the General Director have been drawn up on the basis of two addresses with a petition seeking to consider a possibility of solving the problems stated in these addresses.

The Labor Collective Council took part in the preparation and holding of all corporate parties, picnics, as well as in the organization of different sports events.

Several recommendation letters have been drawn up for giving bonuses to employees on behalf of the Board of Directors and the company’s General Director subsequently submitted to administration for approval. The list workers having the honor to represent CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery at official events dedicated to the New-Year celebration in Moscow has been drawn up jointly with department heads, the trip to the festival has been arranged and carried out.

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7 meetings were held, 3 resolutions on making suggestions to the enterprise management for introduction of amendments into the Collective Agreement and Internal Work Order Regulations were passed. 5 Provisions, 14 Labor Safety Instructions and dozens of other documents within the Council of Employees competence were considered and approved taking into account the Council comments.

Nine meetings with the refinery divisions’ collectives were held together with the enterprise management representatives. Social and labor issues were discussed at the meetings, about 70% of matters arousing concern of the personnel were settled, with professional clarifications given with regard to other issues.

Assessment of 95 newly created full-time jobs was performed with the WCC representatives participation.

In 2012, the Council of Employees considered and approved 50 enterprise employees’ candidatures to be granted bonuses from the CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery Board of Directors and CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery General Director by jubilee dates and holidays: the Day of the Oil Worker, the Refinery Birthday, the New Year.

On a regular basis, the Council of Employees examines employees’ applications. It gives clarifications on arising issues, three applications resulted in the Council preparation of letters in the name of the General Director with the motions to consider the applications satisfaction. An answer from the administration regarding its readiness to start negotiations on introduction of amendments into the Collective Agreement was received.

The Council of Employees participated in preparation and holding of all refinery festivals, sports events, trips to the countryside, and refinery championships between divisions in various kinds of sports.

For all the plant employees, regular mass events are organized – skating in the slating-rink, attendance of sports facilities, swimming-pool.


In connection with the Collective Agreement term expiration, the Council of Employees initiated convening a conference of employees for election of new Council members and execution of a new Collective Agreement. The Council and the enterprise Administration collaboration resulted in introduction of considerable changes into the Collective Agreement aimed at improvement of the employees’ labor conditions and development of the enterprise social programs. In particular, clauses on stimulation and compensation payments to employees performing works under arduous or harmful labor conditions were added to the “Provision on CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery employees remuneration, material stimulation, and social protection”. Additional stimulating allowances to tutors coaching apprentice or student workers were provided for.

Besides, it became possible to pay bonuses to employees not only for performance of unplanned, urgent, or any other important works, or for early fulfillment of production plans, but also for creation and implementation of new techniques, equipment, and for contribution to rationalization and invention at the enterprise. Various types of material aid were provided for, including material aid to single mothers and multi-child families, leaves in addition to those established by the law of the RF.