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Sports Events

The work of a specialist of the oil refinery is associated with the high level of responsibility and, consequently, with the high bodily and psychological tension. To restore after work, the employees need active rest. Antipinsky Refinery offers wide opportunities for sports and rest for the company employees. Creation of conditions that help to keep fit is an important aspect of the corporate life. The company employees can sport in the gyms and sports facilities leased by the company and attend, together with their families, the swimming pool and indoor ice rink.

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In 2013, the company purchased Zdorovie Cultural and Recreational Centre to support the healthy life-style of the employees and to hold sports event.

It is planned to reconstruct the administrative building, overnight facilities for personnel, swimming pool, gym, and paintball building. The ramshackle timber buildings will be demolished and replaced with modern capital facilities. The playing fields and recreation areas will be appropriately equipped; a beach area will be arranged.

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Nevertheless, already now the company personnel like to have rest in the territory of the Cultural and Recreational Centre. The Centre is used to hold corporate sports events. In 2015, the company employees took part in the ski races in the territory of the Centre on the occasion of two holidays – Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Working Women's Day.

Besides, in 2015, the company purchased a sports and health centre near the oil refinery. The sports and health centre includes a tennis-court, two exercise rooms, a swimming pool and a hall for futbal, basket-ball and handball. 


The centre is used for training session of the company volleyball, futsal and basket-ball teams, and for corporate sports event. In April 2016 new exercise gyms have been added to these working gym halls. It is possible to train there under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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The company athletes take active part in the Olympics between the companies of the city of Tyumen and Tyumen Region (futsal, basket-ball, volleyball and ski races). The hockey team of Antipinsky Refinery became a silver winner in the Championship of the city of Tyumen. The company employees demonstrated good results in the Olympics and in the multiathlon which were part of the Autumn Day of Health, as well as in the 9th Olympics of the labour collectives of the Tyumen Region.

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The most wins belong to the volleyball team of Antipinsky Refinery. The company athletes won the Championship of the Tyumen Region in park volleyball, the Championship of the city in volleyball among the men's teams of the First League and come in second in the 3rd Russian Olympics of the working population devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

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JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery, in cooperation with Regional Non-Profit Organization (RNPO) New Stream which is, along with Antipinsky Oil Refinery, a member of New Stream Group, places high emphasis on the promotion of sports both in and outside the company. 

One of the key tasks of the cooperation between our companies is to promote physical culture, sports and healthy life-style as well as to imbue the minds of youth with patriotism. The company sponsors numerous Russian and international general physical training and martial arts tournaments and competitions, panels and master classes for the purpose of promotion both of the sports and healthy life-style.   

The level of tournaments sponsored by RNPO New Stream and JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery is rather high: they are included in the schedule of sports events of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and sponsored and supported by the sports federations, public and social organizations, sports schools, administrative authorities and security ministers of the Russian Federation. Governmental and community leaders of the Russian Federation, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, legendary Russian athletes and coaches take part in these efforts, as well.

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream support and sponsor our beginning and honored young boxers and fighters. The companies patronize the Greco-Roman wrestling section of the Children’s and Youth Sports School in Shcherbinka and boxing and judo teams of the Olympic Center in Tyumen and judo team of the Olympic Center in Yelets. The fighters from our clubs won in many Russian and international competitions, championships and tournaments. RNPO New Stream jointly with JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery purchase necessary equipment for the sports schools and pay for sports camps and training meetings and participation in tournaments abroad as well as care of the professional development of the coaches.


JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream support and promote box, Greco-Roman wrestling and judo in Russia as Olympic sports. The companies actively support promising athletes for the purpose of their participation in the Olympics. Since 2015, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream have sponsored Ekaterina Bukina, a member of the Russian national women wrestling team.

Annual children’s and youth boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments and championships in memory of the Police Colonel Sergey Viktorovich Gritsenko became a tradition. The competitions are now international and attended not only by spectators, supporter and fans from Russia and CIS countries, but by the famous athletes, governmental and community leaders, heads of the sports federations and schools.

The tournaments in memory of Sergey Grotsenko were assigned a status of Russian championships this year. The Russian junior Greco-Roman wrestling championship (1996-1998) was held in Chekhov near Moscow on March 24-27, 2016. Over 350 participants from 55 regions tool part in the championships. The Russian junior boxing championship (17-18 y.o.) was held in Tyumen in August this year. These were main qualifying competitions for participation in the up-coming European and international championships.


Since 2014, RNPO New Stream and JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery have sponsored the International Junior Judo Tournaments (both boys and girls under 18) “In memory of the members of special divisions of the Bodies of Internal Affairs who died on duty” on occasion of the Day of the Member of the Bodies of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The tournaments were held jointly with the Unified Judo and Sambo Federation in the Olympic Center “Tyumen-Judo”. Over 500 participants from Russia and CIS countries took part in the tournament in 2015.

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream sponsor almost all children’s and youth boxing tournaments and competitions in Tyumen region. The annual calendar events include inter-regional and regional championships of Tyumen region and Ural Federative District, as well as local tournaments and Olympics. Many competitions are try-out for the Russian championships. These events are held as part of the project “Children’s Sports” sponsored by the UNITIED RUSSIA party with the support of the project curator, Deputy of the Tyumen Regional Duma Evgeny Makarenko.


Since 2015, Regional Non-Profit Organization (RNPO) New Stream has sponsored the Russian youth boxing matches in memory of Boris Grekov, an Honored Coach of USSR, and Alexander Koshkin, an Honored Master of Sports of USSR. The best young boxers from our country and Soviet and Russian boxing stars take part in these large annual Moscow tournaments.

In January 2016, RNPO New Stream co-sponsored one of the most prestigious Grand Prix International Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament “Ivan Poddubny” in Tyumen.


The companies effectively involve young people in the physical culture and sports and pay special attention to the patriotic education of the younger generation in Russia. The management of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream regularly arranges for visiting by the athletes sponsored by them to military and special units to strengthen the patriotism and vocational-oriented education. 

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream support and sponsor not only the children’s and youth sports in Russia, but also our professional fighters. Last year, RNPO New Stream sponsored the professional mixed martial arts tournaments of the famous Russian promoting companies M-1 Global, Fight Nights and Scythian gold.  

In order to promote the martial arts among the young people in Russia, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and RNPO New Stream formed the “star” mixed martial arts team the members of which successfully participate in domestic and international competitions. The team consists of the fighters from the legendary Alexander Shlemenko’s school “Storm” and the best young fighters from Orenburg Club “Figher”. The members of our team regularly hold workshops and master classes for young martial arts fighters promoting the healthy life-style and involving the the younger generation in the sports. The Russian mixed martial arts stars demonstrate to the young fighters the importance of the strong, healthy and patriotic nation for our country by the example of themselves.