Children's Welfare

The company management cares not only for its employees, but also for their children by organizing children’s festivals and contents. In April 2015, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day, a contest of compositions “The Great Patriotic War in the History of My Family” and a contest of drawings “The Victory Day” were held among the children. On the occasion of the Victory Day, a unique children’s festival was held in the interactive children’s theatre “Premiera”. Children saw a performance called “The Way to the Victory”, a story about the sacrifices necessitated by war and Stalingrad battle.

Children had got an unrivalled opportunity to meet Vasily Petrovich Kulakov, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who told of his war history. Besides, children learned the history of the symbol of the Great Patriotic War, the Ribbon of Saint George (Georgiyevskaya lentochka) and how to wear it.

On the International Children’s Day, an education excursion was organized for the children of the company employees. More than 200 children took part in this event. The children learned what the electrical desalting atmospheric plant is, how the integrated control room operates, where oil products are stored, what the treatment facilities looks like and how they operate, how different oil refining facilities run and what is the differences between diesel fuel and gasoline. The children learned much about where their parents are working and what they do. In October, jointly with the members of The Council of Employees of Antipinsky Refinery, the results of the contest “Birthday Card to the Birthday of the Oil Refinery” were announced. A children’s festival was held in the children’s entertainment centre.

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As usual, the company management prepares New-Year presents for the children of the company employees and holds a New-Year contest and children’s costume party. Contests and presents distribution at the children’s festive events have become good tradition.

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The company management understands that the successful operation and further development of Antipinsky Refinery depends directly on the highly skilled and, first of all, well-coordinated work of all employees and permanently improves the social and personal policy, forms a healthy social and psychological environment, atmosphere of confidence and cooperation in the company. The system of employment relations established in the company is based on the principles of equity, respect for the work done, and equal opportunities of professional and carrier growth of the employees of all levels.