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Social Policy

The number of the company employees is continuously increasing due to the oil refinery development and introduction of new process facilities. The policy pursued by the company management is focused on the social protection of the employees and creation of favourable work environment. Currently, there are about 2,000 employees at the company. This makes the development and improvement of the social and personnel policy one of the company priorities.

The above tasks are solved in active cooperation of both parties: the Company's management and the Council of Employees.

Social Policy Numbers

In 2016, Antipinsky Refinery took the 1st place in the "Participation in solving social problems and corporate charity development" category at the regional stage of the All-Russian contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency". The contest results once again show that Antipinsky Refinery ranks high in Tyumen region labor market. 

The number of the company employees is continuously increasing due to the oil refinery development and introduction of new process facilities. The policy pursued by the company management is focused on the social protection of employees and creation of favourable work environment. Social and HR policy improvement is one of the focal areas of the refinery's activity. The above task is solved in active cooperation of the company management and the Council of Employees, whose first priority is building and implementation of a social labour partnership at the refinery.

Council of Employees is a representative body of workers, promoting interests of all the Company's employees and endowed according to the procedure established by Russian laws (by the Conference of the Company employees) with the authority for collective bargaining, development of a single Collective Bargain Draft Agreement, entering into or making amendments to the Collective Bargain Agreement, control of its execution. The CE was established at Antipinsky Refinery in 2007 and since then has not only been helping to build a two-way, a consistent communication between the plant management and employees, but also aims at addressing a number of serious issues (control over condition and organization of occupational health and safety; interaction with the employer on the wage issues, tangible and intangible incentives, etc.).

The Collective Bargain Agreement provides for various compensations and social benefits: extra days off (on child birth, marriage, to women having two or more children under the age of 7, etc.), material support (birth of a child, marriage, single parents and multi-child families, employees who are on leave for child care, in case of natural disasters, upon retirement, death of close relatives, etc.). The company supports its employees through compensation of their expenditures for sanatorium-resort care and children's recreation.

Much attention is paid to ensure that employees complete a healthy diet. There are two canteens in the territory of the refinery, where employees are provided with delicious and varied hot meals at prices much lower than the market prices due to subsidies of food fr om the administration.

Antipinsky Refinery, as a large and technology-intensive production, requires a special approach to the medical support of the personnel. The required medical specialists' advice and treatment are available for the company personnel at the Niginsky consultation and diagnostic centre and "Neftyanik" medical unit.

The refinery also has its own medical service with mandatory and periodic medical examinations by specialists,seasonal vaccination against influenza virus and tick-borne encephalitis, in-process control with laboratory and instrumental studies at the workplace of employees, prevention of contagious and non-contagious diseases and diseases associated with harmful and dangerous working conditions, staff training in first aid in emergencies, with skills training on mannequins. The medical staff inspects the sanitary state of the canteen, assesses the quality of food and sanitary state of water supply.

N 2017, after obtaining a license for medical activities, there will be new areas in the organization of work to improve the health of staff: physiotherapy, dental and other rooms equipped with modern facilities. The plans include engaging single-discipline medical specialists for dispensary observation of groups made up on the results of physical examinations.

For emergency medical response, a non-stop medical service operation will be introduced from early 2017.

Since Antipinsky Refinery is located in the industrial area of the city, distantly from Tyumen main transportation junctions, the company organizes return transfer of the employees by comfortable buses. In 2016, the transport workshop has optimized routes for transportation of employees to the place of work and back; in order to ensure enough passenger seats and cover more areas of the city, new external routes (Zarechnyi - AOR, Preobrazhensky - AOR), as well as routes between the refinery facilities (warehouse 9 km, ARDCU, RVU, Capital Construction Directorate (UKS), LPG, Water Treatment and Conditioning Site (OSiV)) were introduced. In 2017, due to the increasing number of Antipinsky refinery workers, two new routes are scheduled for introduction.

The extensive service housing programme is the company social priority. As part of this program, a multifamily 20-storey residential building with 152 flats was put into service in Tura microdistrict of Tyumen. In October, more than 100 young professionals - Antipinsky Refinery employees - were given their keys to new apartments. The construction was fully funded by Antipinsky Refinery at all stages. Erection of the main structural parts of the building, masonry, roofing, MEP facilities, interior finishing were provided by professionals of TEHINZHSTROY Construction Company. TEHINZHSTROY has performed landscaping and gardening in the area adjacent to the house territory. Parking lot is at a walking distance from the building. In addition, Antipinsky Refinery management has rendered assistance to the Master Developer in completion of water supply networks construction. In the nearest future a kindergarten and a school construction will start by the house, stipulated for by the urban development plan of Tyumen, with a convenient and spacious parking area.

In addition, in the area of 6.5 hectares in the center of Malkovo village (14 km from Tyumen along the Old Tobolsk road) 52 sites on the average of 10 acres each were leased for Antipinsky Refinery employees. Any Antipinsky refinery employee could apply for construction on one of the sites. The enterprise, despite country's the tough economic conditions, has taken a number of commitments, including surveying, construction quality control and other costs, which were borne by the refinery. JSC Antipinsky Refinery has signed land sublease agreements with employees.

Antipinsky Refinery does not only care about its employees, but also about their family members. Together with the Commission on cultural events of CE, the refinery regularly holds themed events aimed at team building and involvement of the refinery employees and their families into the social life of the refinery. The events are timed to the calendar holidays: 23 February, 8 March, 1 June, etc.

A mandatory tradition, unfailingly kept by Antipinsky Refinery, is celebration of the Victory Day. In 2016 the refinery employees did not only take part in the parade devoted to the great date, but also opened the procession of the organizations of the Leninsky District of Tyumen.

The refinery also renders targeted aid to the veterans of the Leninsky district of Tyumen: on May holidays, the refinery delegation visits WWII participants with valuable gifts.

This year, the refinery employees decided to follow the example of the refinery: the Council of Employees organized fund raising to buy food baskets for veterans. Many refinery employees wanted to take part in the campaign.

As part of May 9th celebration activities, a number of events were also organized for children. Over 100 children (2 times more participants than in 2015), whose parents work at Antipinsky Refinery were taken for an excursion named "From Tyumen citizens to the front." In addition, an excursion to the Patriotic War Places of Honour was organized for the pupils of Borkovsky Orphanage to whom New Stream Group has been rendering aid for several years.

2016 was the year of a number of new initiatives. For the first time the refinery organized a Talent Show for children of employees and the What? Wh ere? When? intellectual game for different units of the refinery. An extensive program of events is scheduled for 2017, including tournaments in bowling and paintball, Fort Boyard, Zarnitsa, and others.